How To Make The Effect Of Burnt Hair

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How To Make The Effect Of Burnt Hair
How To Make The Effect Of Burnt Hair
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A few years ago, sun-bleached hair was considered a sign of poor grooming and was mercilessly dyed or toned. Now it is becoming more and more fashionable. But it is quite difficult to create the most natural effect of burnt hair.

How to make the effect of burnt hair
How to make the effect of burnt hair


Step 1

See your hairdresser. A professional craftsman will be able to make the finest overflows of color that will not raise the question - did you paint? For this, as a rule, highlighting and toning are used.

Step 2

To create the effect of burnt hair on your own, divide them with partings into strands about two centimeters wide, secure with clips. Comb each strand. Apply the bleaching solution to them with a brush, spreading it over the entire length of the curl. As a result, the hair will be unevenly bleached. This avoids abrupt color transitions.

Step 3

You can use another method. The hair color will turn out as in distant childhood, when the girls ran for days in the sun with their hair gathered in a pigtail. Braid your hair into a loose spikelet. Apply the brightening solution in broad strokes along the lines of the strands. The lightened strands will turn out to be wide, as if you spent a long time in the sun.

Step 4

In 2011, the Californian highlighting continues its victorious procession. This coloring technique creates the effect of sunburned hair, but the curls look very natural. In addition, the hair looks much more voluminous, and the regrown roots will not be very noticeable over time. For him you need paint of one or more tones. Their number depends on your desires and capabilities. Divide the hair with horizontal parting into locks 1, 5-2 cm wide in a checkerboard pattern. If you are painting with paint, then a thickener must be added to it to ensure a more accurate application. Apply a blonding compound or paint to the strands from above, without painting over them inside. The lightened curls are laid over the hair. Due to the light contact, a fairly smooth color transition is provided. It should be remembered that highlighting should be performed only on "healthy" hair. Because any discoloration negatively affects their condition.

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