How To Hide Overgrown Roots

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How To Hide Overgrown Roots
How To Hide Overgrown Roots

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Regrown roots of colored hair sometimes spoil not only the appearance, but also the mood. You didn't have time to tint your hair, and according to the law of meanness, a meeting fell on you like snow on your head, at which you want to look perfect. In this case, follow the advice on how to skillfully hide the overgrown roots.

How to hide overgrown roots
How to hide overgrown roots


Step 1

Method number 1 "Hide"

Curl your hair, comb it a little and sprinkle with varnish. In this case, the roots will be below, under the fleece, and will be hidden from prying eyes. You can make several options for such a hairstyle:

- if you have short bangs, put it on your forehead, this will hide the overgrown roots in front. Curl the strands at the temples towards the face, in this case, the overgrown roots on the temples will also be hidden. In the final version, the hair turns out to be styled in the form of a hat;

- if there are no bangs, curl, comb and style your hair as mentioned above. Put a bandage on your head so that the hairline on the forehead and temples is closed. Depending on which headband you choose, this option is perfect not only for walking in cool weather, but also for an evening out.

Step 2

Method number 2 "Disguise"

Part in zigzags. This will make your hair look streaked.

Step 3

Method number 3 "Benefit"

Braid a fashionable braid, for example, the so-called French. Start braiding from the center of your forehead. For the base of the braid along the hairline, take three strands, start sequentially applying the extreme strands to the central one, picking up the strands on each side. The wider the strands that you pick up, the larger the weave turns out. Finish the weaving with a simple oblique, secure with an elastic band. The French braid falls over the head, and the hair roots form the backdrop for the braid. Since the braid does not merge in color with the background, in general the hairstyle turns out to be very beautiful and sometimes looks even more advantageous than the same braid, braided on evenly colored hair.

Step 4

Method number 4 "Easy to get off"

If you don't have time for your hair, use a hat. A scarf, bandana or baseball cap are suitable not only for the street, but also for indoor use.

Step 5

Method number 5 "Show everyone how beautiful you are"

Finally, following the example of some Hollywood stars: Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, Kirsten Dunst - take your roots back for granted and show them without embarrassment. Drew Barrymore, for example, wore her hair that had grown out after bleaching so charmingly that fashion magazines started talking seriously about the fashion for regrown hair roots.

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