How To Dye Your Hair From Dark To White

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How To Dye Your Hair From Dark To White
How To Dye Your Hair From Dark To White

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Even natural brunettes will not be able to achieve perfect white hair color in one coloring. The transition to beautiful, even light shades should occur gradually, in several stages and, of course, not in one day.

How to dye your hair from dark to white
How to dye your hair from dark to white

It is necessary

  • - paint remover;
  • - blond hair dye;
  • - hairbrush;
  • - application brush;
  • - hair balm.


Step 1

If you dyed your hair a dark color, then you cannot become a blonde without a wash. Specialty dye removers are best used under the supervision of a beauty professional. Keep in mind that hair after this procedure will become thinner and drier. If dark is your natural hair color, then, using a wash, be prepared for an unexpected result - your hair may immediately turn white, or it may acquire a bright red color. It all depends on the individual hair pigmentation. To remove yellowness in the latter case, you will have to carry out several procedures in a row (up to 3-4).

Step 2

After washing, you need to give your hair a rest and recover for at least 2-3 weeks. After all, white paint is no less aggressive than a chemical wash, it affects the structure of the hair - it discolors, burns out the pigment, while all other colors are simply dyed. For less harm, buy light-colored dyes that contain oil.

Step 3

Divide your hair into zones with two partings - horizontal and vertical. Secure with clamps. Dilute the paint. Start the application process from the lower occipital part of the head. In order not to get an uneven color, indent from the roots by 2-3 cm. Apply the mixture to the hair quickly, do not feel sorry for the blonde - this is the only way you will achieve high-quality uniform coloring. After spreading the mixture over the entire length of the hair, comb through the curls with a wooden comb. Do not linger on one zone for a long time, since the drug applied to the hair has already entered into a reaction, and you will begin the countdown time of the paint action only from the moment you cover the very last strand. And it is better if the whole process does not take longer than 10 minutes. The dye must not be overexposed. Do not forget to apply the blonde to the hair roots at the very end.

Step 4

After 20-30 minutes recommended by the instructions, rinse your hair with plenty of water. Saturate the curls with balm, keeping it for at least 5 minutes. Try not to dry your hair with a hairdryer after blonding. If necessary, repeat the staining procedure after a month.

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