How Eyebrows Look After Permanent Makeup

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How Eyebrows Look After Permanent Makeup
How Eyebrows Look After Permanent Makeup

Video: How Eyebrows Look After Permanent Makeup

Video: How Eyebrows Look After Permanent Makeup
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Permanent makeup is very popular among women who want to correct imperfections in facial features and not spend money on cosmetics. But many are stopped by the fact that they do not know how their eyebrows will look after tattooing. Only observation of already established clients of beauty salons will help to dispel doubts.

How eyebrows look after permanent makeup
How eyebrows look after permanent makeup


Step 1

Ideally, the eyebrows after permanent makeup should be symmetrical. A work that reflects the expected shade of the eyebrows is also considered a reference. But in fact, it is far from always possible to achieve the desired result after the first session.

Step 2

It is necessary to immediately understand that eyebrow tattooing is not a cheap procedure. The desire to save money ultimately translates into even higher costs. After all, only a qualified craftsman who owns expensive equipment and uses high-quality dyes can make a permanent perfectly.

Step 3

It is not recommended to look in the mirror immediately after the procedure - impressionable persons may be struck by the appearance of reddened and puffy eyebrows. This is absolutely normal, because tattooing is a traumatic procedure for the skin. It is bad when swelling and redness do not go away after 5-7 days.

Step 4

Eyebrows after tattooing the next day do not look very attractive, but not intimidating. So it's better to postpone important business meetings and dates for a week. Redness and swelling gradually disappear, and films come in their place.

Step 5

Films can transform into crusts. This is a normal healing process for a scratched skin. In addition, during this period, the eyebrows begin to itch mercilessly. Try to avoid scratching at all costs so as not to spoil the eyebrow tattoo and not injure the epidermis.

Step 6

After about a week, the wounds will heal and you will see an adequate result of permanent makeup. The effect does not always meet expectations. For example, the eyebrows may appear slightly asymmetrical. If the errors are not critical, it is worth signing up for a correction to the same master. After all, your job is easier to edit. In case of obvious gross mistakes, it is necessary to change the specialist and think about removing the tattoo. Unsuccessful work is easier to remove and redo the permanent than to paint and make new mistakes.

Step 7

Eyebrows after tattooing for a month look too bright. Then the pigment is washed out and fades a little. The rest of the dye takes root in the skin and looks like natural makeup. It is at this moment that it becomes clear where the tattoo needs to be tweaked.

Step 8

After the first correction, the permanent can be worn from six months to two years without consulting a master. This is considered a perfect job. But it may happen that during this time hormonal changes will occur in the body, the pigment will begin to be washed out in parts. Then the correction is performed as needed.