How Is Eyebrow Tattoo Done?

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How Is Eyebrow Tattoo Done?
How Is Eyebrow Tattoo Done?

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Eyebrow tattooing is one of the most common services in a beauty salon. Tattooing allows you to adjust the shape, volume and size of the eyebrows. Permanent makeup paint lasts for several years.

How is eyebrow tattoo done?
How is eyebrow tattoo done?


Step 1

Before the procedure, the master will ask you about your preferences, help you choose the shape of the eyebrows and color, and choose the tattoo technique. With the hair technique, the makeup will be more natural, while the pencil one will create a clear contour, as if drawn with a cosmetic pencil. Before performing the work, the specialist will outline the future shape of your eyebrows with a special marker.

Step 2

After that, they will put a hat on your head and lay on the couch. Then the expert will disinfect your eyebrows and lubricate them with anesthetic or an anesthetic injection. You will need to wait a while for the anesthetic to work.

Step 3

After a while, the master will begin to directly perform the work. Tattooing is done with a special device on the principle of a tattoo. The dye is injected under the skin with a needle in small strokes. The depth of the pricks is about 1 mm. First, the outline is outlined, then the shape is executed. The process can be somewhat unpleasant and will take 40-60 minutes.

Step 4

After completing the work, the master will treat your eyebrows with a disinfectant solution and give advice on caring for the tattoo. You will not be able to wet your eyebrows for some time, visit the bathhouse and sauna. For quick healing, it will be necessary to lubricate the treated area with a special ointment. After the tattoo, a crust forms, which will completely disappear in 7-10 days.

Step 5

Often after 10-14 days, the master invites you for a second procedure - the shape of the eyebrows is corrected, pigment is added in some places. The correction is faster than a full-fledged tattoo and allows the paint to last longer.

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