How To Wash Off Black Color

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How To Wash Off Black Color
How To Wash Off Black Color

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If you dyed your hair unsuccessfully, then do not despair. Cutting them down to their roots is hardly a good idea. It is quite problematic to wash off black dye from hair, but, nevertheless, it is possible. There are several ways to remove black paint. It is worth approaching this procedure very responsibly, since the health of the hair depends on its result.

How to wash off black color
How to wash off black color


Step 1

Seek professional help. Experienced specialists will advise you and advise you on the right products for your hair type. With the help of special detergents, the dye will be removed from your hair. You should not expect a 100% effect, only gradually you will be able to regain your hair color. Hair dye removal services can be obtained in almost any beauty salon, but it is not cheap. But the result will be visible on the face.

Step 2

If you do not have enough funds to afford a beauty salon, then at home you can easily cope on your own. Buy a wash from a store. It is best to choose a quality and well-known brand that you trust. Follow the instructions carefully. Remember, this is very stressful for your hair. At a time, you can lighten your hair only 1-2 tones, but often you should not use a rinse agent, because it spoils your hair.

Step 3

There is another way to get rid of black hair at home. Wash your hair in your usual way. Then lather your hair with laundry soap. Let it sit for a couple of minutes, then rinse it off. Already during rinsing, the black color will start to wash out. After this procedure, be sure to apply a nourishing balm to your hair. Many stylists and hairdressers advise using laundry soap when removing black paint.

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