How To Bleach Black Hair

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How To Bleach Black Hair
How To Bleach Black Hair

Video: How To Bleach Black Hair

Video: How To Bleach Black Hair
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The hardest part is bleaching black hair. There are many popular ways to lighten black hair, but the only way to discolor it is with hydrogen peroxide. It is best to entrust this complex procedure to professionals, but you can try to do it yourself at home.

How to bleach black hair
How to bleach black hair

It is necessary

  • - decolorizing solution;
  • - vazedin or fat cream;
  • - cotton swab or sponge;
  • - gloves;
  • - vinegar solution or lemon juice;


Step 1

Remember not to bleach clean hair. It's best to do this three to four days after you wash your hair. In this case, the natural layer of fat will protect the scalp.

Step 2

The solution for discoloration should be prepared in a ceramic or glass container, never in a metal one, otherwise the combination of metal with oxygen will give a reaction that will spoil the result. The level of peroxide concentration should be different for different hairs. The thinner the hair and the more porous its structure, the less concentrated the peroxide should be. To lighten thick hair, use 8% to 11% peroxide, for thin hair, use a solution of 3 or 4%.

Step 3

Before coloring, lubricate the forehead at the roots of the hair, as well as the temples and neck with petroleum jelly or any fatty thick cream. This is necessary in order not to burn the skin. The solution is applied with gloves. If the hair is long, then you need to divide them into partings and apply the solution along the entire length, starting from the ends. Short hair is dyed from the roots using a cotton swab or sponge. You should not wrap your head like when dyeing, since when the temperature rises, the solution can burn hair and skin.

Step 4

If you need to lighten only overgrown roots, then you need to do it extremely carefully. You can apply a thick composition, trying not to get on the colored part of the hair, otherwise it will ruin the hair. Another way is to gently spray the decolorizing compound with a spray bottle. This can be done once a week, before shampooing. Then you will always have neat dyed hair roots.

Step 5

It is difficult and even dangerous to lighten black hair in one step, so the bleaching process is best done in several stages. If you try to do this right away, wanting to achieve maximum effect, then there is a high risk of ruining your hair, especially if you have thin hair. Better to stretch the bleaching process over several weeks, lightening a couple of tones each time.

Step 6

The average procedure time is twenty minutes. But this is approximate. It all depends on their length and structure, on the concentration of peroxide and the desired effect. Since the bleach solution is very harmful, you need to control how it affects your hair. Check literally every minute for damage to the hair structure. Wash off immediately with any change.

Step 7

After painting, wash off the peroxide with water, and then rinse with vinegar or water with lemon juice. This will help flush out any remaining lye from your hair and restore some of it. If you are not sure of your abilities, then it is better to do it in an elephant from an experienced master.