What To Do If Hair Grows Around The Nipples

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What To Do If Hair Grows Around The Nipples
What To Do If Hair Grows Around The Nipples

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Unfortunately, in some cases, hair around the nipples can also appear in the fair sex. This phenomenon can be very frustrating, because the hairs on the female breast do not look very aesthetically pleasing. How can we eliminate them? Before answering this question, you will have to figure out why such a problem may arise.

What to do if hair grows around the nipples
What to do if hair grows around the nipples

Causes of the appearance of hair near the nipples in women

There are 2 main reasons for the phenomenon of hairs near the nipples in women:

Increase in the amount of male hormones in the body. A similar phenomenon can be observed in the case of pregnancy, diseases of the endocrine system, as well as as a result of taking certain hormonal drugs.

The predisposition to nipple hair can be inherited. In other words, a woman can genetically inherit the sensitivity of androgen receptors.

What to do if hair begins to grow around the nipples

If the hairs near the nipples appeared suddenly, within a short period of time, or there were several of them before, but now there are suddenly more, be sure to visit an endocrinologist. And try to do it as soon as possible. It is possible that you have problems with your hormonal levels.

If the doctor did not find any abnormalities in the structure of your hormonal background, you can calm down a little: the hair around the nipples is not dangerous for your health. Nevertheless, women are still often unhappy and want to remove excess vegetation. Indeed, because of this unpleasant feature, a decrease in self-esteem is possible. A solution, however, is to remove the hairs that grow around the nipples.

How to deal with nipple hair

So, here are some possible ways to eliminate hair around the nipples. The most common of them is to arm yourself with ordinary tweezers. Grabbing the hair, pull it out in the direction of growth with a sharp movement. After removing all excess hairs, wipe the delicate area of ​​the skin near the nipples with lotion. Of course, the result will not be permanent. After about 10 days, the vegetation will reappear.

It is not recommended to resort to shaving off vegetation around the nipples. You will only remove the outer part of the hair for a very short time (it will become visible the next day). And most importantly, after that the hair will be noticeably stiffer.

Hair removal with hair removal products. The use of the latter is quite effective - under their influence, the hair and, to a certain extent, its subcutaneous part can dissolve, after which the area near the nipples can be easily washed off with a sponge.

However, such creams should not be overused. Avoid getting these products on the nipples, wash them off in time and follow the instructions in everything. You will have to repeat this procedure about once every 10 days.

Cutting off excess hair with nail scissors is a fairly safe method. After it, irritation will not appear, as after applying an epilation agent, but the effect itself is quite short-lived.

Removing hairs with wax and electric hair removal can be somewhat painful. But the result may well last up to 5 weeks.

There is also a radical way that will help to permanently get rid of the hairs around the nipples - electrolysis. Its essence lies in the elimination of growth cells in the hair follicle. This is done by introducing a thin needle into the hair follicle, through which an electric current is supplied. Although the skin itself is not damaged, small bruises or scars may remain on it for some time.

Before heading to a beauty salon to remove unwanted hair using photoepilation, consult a mammologist.

The method of laser hair removal is quite effective, unless the hairs grow due to any hormonal imbalance. The significant advantages of this method are that it is safe and painless. To get rid of excess hair permanently, you need to repeat the laser hair removal procedure several times.

Photoepilation is another painless method with a rather long-lasting effect. However, it will not be possible to limit ourselves to just one session.

Now you know what to do if hair is growing around the nipples.

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