How To Choose A Tanning Cream

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How To Choose A Tanning Cream
How To Choose A Tanning Cream

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Video: How To Choose A Tanning Cream
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So that visiting the solarium does not turn into skin problems in the form of burns, uneven tanning and allergic manifestations, you should take care of protection and choose the right cream. Tanning products should intensively moisturize and nourish the skin.

How to choose a tanning cream
How to choose a tanning cream


Step 1

Consider your skin type. Certain cosmetic products are intended for different skin types - dry skin needs to be additionally softened, enlarged pores cannot be clogged with dense products, normal skin needs standard hydration. Nutrition is important for sensitive skin, so look out for sandalwood, olive or grape seed oil.

Step 2

Choose a cream based on your skin tone. Sensitive skin of light shades should be reliably protected - choose a cream with a maximum filter, antioxidants and no bronzers. Dark skin can be lubricated with a cream with natural dyes (henna or walnut extract), which will add depth and rich color to the tan. The tingle-effect cream is suitable for those who visit the solarium not for the first time and whose skin is not prone to allergic rashes. Special substances stimulate the intense production of melanin, which speeds up the tanning time, which, moreover, becomes very persistent and acquires a reddish tint.

Step 3

Buy products to protect delicate skin areas. Creams for lips, face, décolleté and neck have the highest degree of protection, so they must be selected separately.

Step 4

Consider your age. For young skin, it is preferable to use a cream of a low price range, which meet all needs and are of high quality. Products for mature skin additionally contain smoothing and tightening components of the skin, helping to activate its protective properties. Premium tanning creams are expensive, but they justify their use by deep hydration of aging skin and the fight against age-related changes.

Step 5

Make sure there are no prohibited components. Tanning cream should not contain alcohol components and fragrances, whitening ingredients. Ultraviolet rays enhance the penetration of any substances into the skin, therefore it is important that the composition for the tanning bed is hypoallergenic.

Step 6

Do not neglect the advice of a specialist. The solarium staff will always help you choose the right cream, so their advice will be helpful.