What Hair Shampoo Really Adds Volume

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What Hair Shampoo Really Adds Volume
What Hair Shampoo Really Adds Volume

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To flaunt lush hair, you need an effective volumizing shampoo. With today's variety of similar products, it is difficult to stop a choice on any one product. This encourages girls to try all the shampoos in a row without achieving tangible results.

What hair shampoo really adds volume
What hair shampoo really adds volume

The first step is to figure out how the volume shampoo works. Then you can go through well-known brands and choose a product that is ideal for your hair.

What's inside the bottle

Volume shampoos from the mid-range segment contain silicone. In more expensive products, it is replaced by collagen, which does not burden the curls and does not injure the bulbs.

In addition, the volumizing shampoo formula is often supplemented with sea buckthorn, olive, almond, linseed oil, corn oil, jojoba extract, or wheat proteins. Expensive products can include silk proteins.

Also, volumizing shampoos often contain essential oils that are much lighter than vegetable oils. They provide optimal cleansing of hair and an increase in splendor up to 15%.

How do they work

Cheap shampoos can also work well. However, their composition often damages the hair. The effectiveness of cheap products is achieved due to aggressive silicones that envelop each hair, lifting it at the root. Usually, the result is enough for a maximum of a day, and after washing off the silicone, the hair loses its shine and begins to fall out.

Another thing is how the volumizing shampoo with collagen, amino acids, keratin and proteins works. The special formula promotes the absorption of nutrients into the hair, which not only adds splendor, but also helps maintain the elasticity of the curls. The hair is filled with volume from the inside, so that the effect does not disappear, even if you change the shampoo.

Review of the most effective remedies

Girls who constantly dye and highlight their hair should pay attention to Pureology Pure Volume shampoo. It contains soy proteins, essential oils of ambergris, mandarin and ylang-ylang. The sulfate-free formula gives hair lightness and lushness while making it manageable.

Professionals recommend that you definitely try L'Oreal Professionnel Volumetry shampoo with an anti-gravity complex. The innovative product lifts the hair at the root by means of calcium crystals that envelop the scalp, forming an elastic mesh. Thus, the volume is preserved for a long time.

Senscience Volume Shampoo contains silk proteins, vitamins A and C, soy amino acids and silicone oil (dimethicone). Such a composition not only adds volume, but also eliminates fragility, making it easier to comb.

Sulfate-free shampoo Tigi Elevating Shampoo Catwalk Your Highness contains only natural extracts of flowers, providing hair with incredible smoothness, elasticity and mirror shine.

Sexy Hair Silky Shampoo not only adds volume, but also intensely nourishes. Therefore, the product is indicated for hair restoration after curling, lightening or afro-braids.

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