Tips From Celebrity Hairdressers For Hair Care

Tips From Celebrity Hairdressers For Hair Care
Tips From Celebrity Hairdressers For Hair Care

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Girls devote a lot of time to their hair. Wanting to have a beautiful head of hair, the ladies diligently look after her, going at a considerable expense. However, hair "as in advertising" can be obtained if you heed the advice of famous hairdressers.

Stylist Rodolfo, whose clients include Johnny Holiday and Kate Hudson, recommends not focusing on the usual care products. Natural remedies, according to the hairdresser, will not only perfectly cleanse the scalp, but also strengthen the hair follicles, add shine and softness. For example, if your hair is dry and your favorite shampoo is out, add a drop of rum to any egg yolk you have. The first ingredient is great for nourishing, while the second will add radiance.

Also, the hairdresser does not advise washing your hair before dyeing - this will make the hair vulnerable to the chemical components of the paint. On the contrary, Rodolfo recommends to “pollute” the hairline even more. For example, apply a special oil the night before.

Bernard Friboulet, who works with Sophie Marceau, Sharon Stone and other stars, advises to apply shampoo all over the hair. At the same time, you should not increase the amount of the product: first, soap your hair well, then distribute the product downward. This will thoroughly rinse your hair, remove dust and grease.

On the advice of Bernard Friboulet, braid long curls at night. This will help to avoid tangled hair and also make it easier to comb. If possible, purchase silk pillowcases - the hair will stop electrifying.

Stylist Odile Gilbert (works on film sets and fashion weeks) recommends using a moisturizing mask not after, but before washing your hair. The hair will have time to absorb the necessary elements, and the shampoo and water will thoroughly remove unnecessary residues. It is not necessary to use a balm in this case.

Hairdressers Serge Norman (Hilary Swank, Sarah Jessica Parker, etc.) and David Mallet (Liv Tyler, Diane Kruger) remind you to thoroughly wash your hair at the end. This will get rid of leftover products that can significantly impair the appearance of your hair. Use cool water to complete the procedure: this will add extra fluffiness and shine.

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