Which Company Is Better To Dye Your Hair With?

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Which Company Is Better To Dye Your Hair With?
Which Company Is Better To Dye Your Hair With?
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A good hair dye should have a thick consistency, paint over gray hair ideally, not spoil your hair and hold on after the first shampoo. Which of the manufacturers can cope with these tasks?

Which paint to choose?
Which paint to choose?

With a change in image, age or mood, women have to dye their hair. At this moment the question arises: "Which manufacturer's paint deserves attention, who is the leader in this area?" There cannot be one answer, since there are several types of coloring substances.

Types of hair dyes

First of all, I would like to note the presence of natural dyes, therefore, to give hair a certain shade or color, it is not necessary to resort to chemical oxidants and dyes. You can use natural henna or basma. The first makes the hair red, the second will help dye it in colors from light chestnut to black. Both paints are made from plant leaves.

Natural dyes can be mixed with each other to achieve a lighter or darker shade. If you often dye your hair with henna, then after the first lightening it will still be a reddish hue.

Chemical dyes are divided into 3 groups according to the degree of resistance:

1. Tonics are the weakest ink in terms of coloring effect and durability. It is used to give hair a lighter or darker shade, changing the natural color by 1-2 tones. Available in toning balms and shampoos. Since they do not contain lightening agents such as ammonia or hydrogen peroxide, they are not harmful to hair. The color is washed off after 5-6 shampoos.

2. Unstable hair dyes. In their manufacture, hydrogen peroxide is used as a clarifier. Such funds paint over gray hair well and can change hair color, but not for long, for a maximum of 2 months. Frequent use of this type of dye can damage your hair.

3. Persistent hair dye allows you to radically change the color of your hair at a time, perfectly paint over gray hair. They use amines or ammonia, which do not allow the product to be washed off; to change the color, it will be necessary to repaint again.

Frequent use of products containing ammonia or amines leads to a deterioration in the condition of the hair and a change in its structure. For colored curls, special care is required, with the use of masks, conditioners and balms.

Which paint company is the best?

At the moment, several world manufacturers of hair dye products are popular. These are L'Oreal, Wella and Schwarzkopf & Henkel. Several types of hair dyes are produced under these brands, each of which has its own characteristics.

In 2013, the first three places were taken by Garnier Color Naturals, L'Oréal Preference and L'Oréal Casting creame gloss. They all belong to one firm - L'Oréal. The products are of good quality, high coloring effect. These dyes have a thick consistency and are easy to apply to the hair. They can be used not only to lighten hair, but also to change color.

For lightening, you can still recommend Wella paints from Procter & Gamble, and Palette from Schwarzkopf. With their help, you can lighten hair in one go and paint over gray hair well. A wide palette of shades makes it easy to choose the desired color and shade.

It should be borne in mind that paints purchased in supermarkets and specialized stores can differ dramatically not only in price, but also in quality. It is better not to risk it and give preference to narrow-profile boutiques.

For a more gentle, but persistent shade, paints with the addition of vegetable oils, the so-called phyto-line, are chosen. Garnier Color Shine, Oleo Intense and Essential Color have proven themselves well. Vegetable oils not only help to preserve and saturate the color, but also add shine, smoothness and volume.

It is difficult to name an ideal manufacturer who would combine both price and quality. Good hair dye won't cost too much.In most cases, women prefer more advertised or proven products.

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