A Beautiful And Insidious Shade - "Ash Blond"

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A Beautiful And Insidious Shade - "Ash Blond"
A Beautiful And Insidious Shade - "Ash Blond"

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Essentially, ash hair is gray hair. But despite this, they look very impressive. Many blondes choose an ash shade. Especially original colored hair looks in tandem with a young age.

"Ash Blonde"
"Ash Blonde"

Who is the "ash blond" shade suitable for?

In order for your ashy hair color to suit you, you must have a certain type of appearance. Pay attention to girls who wear "ash blonde". Most of them have snow-white skin. Skin tone should be not just light, but cold. The ash color will definitely not suit the owners of dark skin, as it will look too artificial. But the main thing is naturalness.

If you have green, gray, or blue eyes, you can experiment with the ash blonde shade. You can not dye your hair completely, but highlight it. As a result, interesting highlights will appear on the hair, and additional volume will appear.

"Ash Blonde" goes beyond the ordinary. He is very fond of urban women of fashion. After all, this color allows you to favorably differ from other people. The "ash blond" shade is suitable for those who prefer classics and austerity in their clothes.

Interestingly, ashy hair color can be natural. So, one of the most famous owners of a natural ashy shade of hair is Nick Hilton, Amanda Seyfried.

Subtleties of staining in ash color

"Ash Blonde" fits well only on very light hair by nature. In all other cases, clarification must be carried out. It is advisable to do this with paint that does not contain ammonia. Its uniqueness is that it does not injure the hair and lightens it to full whiteness. Be sure to wait at least 3 weeks or a month after lightening. During this time, the hair will be ready for the second coloring.

When choosing an ash hair dye, check with your hairdresser about the shade. Next, proceed directly to staining. Dilute the paint with oxide. Start painting over the strands from the top of the head and gradually go down. Lastly, paint the strands on the forehead and temples, as well as bangs. Keep the dye on your hair for the amount of time indicated in the instructions. This rule cannot be violated, otherwise the shade may turn out to be undesirable. Rinse off the paint with water and then wash your hair with shampoo.

If after dyeing you see a yellow tint on your hair, try to eliminate it with a tint shampoo. This shampoo has no harmful ingredients, but it can help get rid of yellowness. Wash it off with water without shampoo.

To keep the ash shade bright as long as possible, take good care of your hair. Use detergents for colored hair only. They allow the coloring pigments to take hold in the hair structure. Thanks to this, the paint does not fade over time. You will only need to tint the growing hair roots.

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