Highlighting On Light Brown Hair

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Highlighting On Light Brown Hair
Highlighting On Light Brown Hair

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Highlighting is not dyeing all hair, but only individual strands or even ends. It does not entail dramatic changes in appearance. However, if you want to refresh your look, add new colors to it, then the highlighting technique is what you need.

Highlighting on light brown hair
Highlighting on light brown hair

It is necessary

Hairdresser, ammonia-free paint, foil


Step 1

"California Highlights". This is a very gentle type of hair coloring. Its essence lies in the fact that several strands are created on light brown hair, as if naturally burnt out in the sun. For coloring, the shades closest to the hair color are used: beige, caramel, sand, honey. The master performs highlighting without dyeing the hair roots, as well as without sharp stripes and contrasting strands. Color transitions are natural and almost invisible. Foil is not used in this technique. In another way, Californian highlighting is called "color stretch" or "caramel".

Step 2

"French highlighting". This highlighting technique involves lightening the strands in three tones, therefore it is suitable for girls with light blond hair. The dyed strands are drastically different from the entire head of hair and add volume to fine hair. This creates a very strong sunburn effect. On dark hair, French highlights will not be noticeable and will not give the desired result. The highlighting technology is considered quite harmless, because in the dyeing process, dyes without ammonia are used, which include wax.

Step 3

"Cascade highlighting". It is ideal for women looking to regain their lost natural hair color. The secret of cascading highlights is that it is done from the tips to the roots. The coloring is such that the shades flow from dark at the roots to light at the tips. The owner of such highlighting can calmly wait until the desired length of hair grows back, and then simply cut off the dyed ends.

Step 4

"Pelenoe highlighting". This type of highlighting is also suitable for light brown hair: it involves dyeing several strands in steel shades. The ash color is considered very moody, so a first-class specialist should perform such highlighting. At the request of the client, the master distributes the shade over the entire head of hair or dyes individual strands. Ash highlighting makes young girls nobler and more serious, and gives older ladies solidity. When choosing this particular technique, keep in mind that the ash color is washed off the hair very quickly. Therefore, a correction will soon be required.

Step 5

"Glare highlighting". When performing this type of highlighting, the master uses paints of the most similar shades and creates subtle overflows on the hair. It is believed that the more imperceptible the border between colors, the more noble the hairstyle looks. The coloring should be done so naturally that it is not clear how the shimmering effect is achieved. Only a professional can perform this type of highlighting.

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