Safe Staining Methods

Safe Staining Methods
Safe Staining Methods

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Modern women often resort to such a method of changing their style as hair coloring. However, any coloring agent damages the hair structure. To preserve the density and health of the curls without sacrificing beauty, choose gentle dyeing methods.

Safe staining methods
Safe staining methods

Tinted shampoos

These products are designed to give hair the desired shade without causing too much damage. This is due to the fact that it does not contain hydrogen peroxide and ammonia. The action of the tint shampoo is based on the creation of a pigment coating, without violating the integrity of the upper layer of the hair. Hence the main disadvantage of this tool is the rapid washing off of the color. In most cases, the hair regains its original shade after 2-3 shampoos. Usually these shampoos are used if you need to slightly refresh the color.

Colored biolamination

You can safely dye your hair not only at home, as modern technologies allow you to give the curls the desired color and keep them healthy. Colored biolamination is a procedure during which the thinnest colored shell is created, which protects the hair from external adverse factors. Usually the master uses natural dyes that are safe for the hair structure. The effect of the procedure will delight you for about 3-4 weeks.

Henna and Basma

Henna and Basma are the best known safe hair dyeing methods. During staining with these natural dyes, the health of the curls is not only preserved, but also significantly strengthened. Mixing components in different ratios allows you to achieve the desired shade. So, for example, if henna is mixed with a decoction of chamomile, the hair will acquire a golden-red hue. Ground coffee will give the curls a rich chestnut hue, and cocoa will give a warm chocolate color.

Folk recipes

Not only hydrogen peroxide, but also fresh lemon juice and chamomile decoction will help to give your hair a light shade. Of course, the desired result will not work after the first time, the procedure must be carried out regularly. Lemon juice will work best if applied before sunbathing. And if you moisten individual strands with it, you can achieve a highlighting effect.

A decoction of walnuts or linden can give the hair a chestnut shade, and an infusion of onion peels can give golden brown color.

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