Hair Coloring: What You Need To Know?

Hair Coloring: What You Need To Know?
Hair Coloring: What You Need To Know?

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Most women buying hair dye are convinced that they will receive the same color as the model on the package. However, unfortunately, everything turns out to be completely different. Hair dye is a powerful chemical agent, it does not just cover the outside of the hair, but destroys the natural pigment and replaces it with a new one. The natural shade of hair for each woman is strictly individual, and the final result of the dyeing may be the most unexpected.

Hair coloring: what you need to know?
Hair coloring: what you need to know?

Basic rules for hair dyeing

  1. If financial opportunities allow, it is better to turn to a professional.
  2. You need to gradually switch to a new hair color. Many women make the mistake of opting for dramatically dark or light colors. It is best to change your hair color step by step. For example, if you want to achieve a darker shade, it is best to start with light chestnut tones.
  3. You need to stay within your own color gamut. There are three main scales: blond, chestnut and black, within which three shades are distinguished - dark, medium and light. When deciding on a shade of hair dye, it is best to choose the one that is closest to your native shade.
  4. It will not be superfluous to compare the samples on the back of the package with the natural hair color (since the dye pigments react with the natural hair pigments).
  5. Dye your hair only where necessary (for example, only overgrown roots).

So, if the purpose of painting is golden curls, you need to choose ash tones. But warm ones are best avoided, as they can give the hair unwanted yellowness.

Those wishing to be the owners of a fiery color need to take into account the fact that red and red shades fade faster than others, therefore it is important to maintain the color intensity using a special shampoo and conditioner.

For those who want to get a burning black shade of hair, you need to keep in mind that this color adorns only young girls, it makes older ladies look even older.

Hair coloring experts today advise avoiding radical changes in natural color and staying within two tones to one side or the other of your natural color. Piece, flashy, oversaturated shades are out of fashion nowadays, but the natural hair color and their natural appearance are more relevant than ever.

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