Eyebrow Tattooing: For Or Against?

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Eyebrow Tattooing: For Or Against?
Eyebrow Tattooing: For Or Against?

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Beautiful eyebrows are part of the image of any woman. You can do them yourself, with the help of cosmetics, or you can use a tattoo. In this case, the effect will last from 6 months to 3 years, there will be no need to draw the contour every time, take care of the color and pay special attention.

Eyebrow tattooing: for or against?
Eyebrow tattooing: for or against?

Today, tattooing is offered not only by specialized tattoo parlors, but also by ordinary beauty salons. The creation of the image takes no more than 2 hours, and then you only have to remove excess vegetation, and the shape will be constant. The procedure has pros and cons, as well as contraindications.

Pros of eyebrow tattoo

You will always be with makeup. It doesn't matter if you had time to make up or not, but your eyebrows will be fine. This is convenient when there is not enough time for full-fledged makeup in the morning. In this case, the look will be well-groomed and fresh. If done correctly, the tattoo looks natural.

Correctly defined eyebrows enlarge the eyes. Even a reduction in age can be achieved with this effect. Just before the tattoo, ask the master to make a contour with a pencil. See how it will look, make adjustments if necessary.

If the eyebrows are not thick, the hair falls out, then the tattoo will help to hide this moment. There will be no empty spaces, the outline will seem very neat. If there are scars, they will also become invisible. But before tattooing on a scar, you need to consult a specialist. Not always this option can be implemented.

And this is an excellent solution for those who are allergic to decorative cosmetics. Special materials used in permanent makeup do not cause negative reactions. There will be only slight redness and swelling in the first 3-4 days after application, but this passes quickly.

Cons of eyebrow tattoo

Do not make a tattoo with high blood pressure, diabetes, eye infections and any inflammatory diseases. In the process, the skin is disrupted, and a decrease in immunity can lead to infection. Do not do the procedure for pregnant women, and even during critical days.

Depending on the artist, the eyebrows may not turn out the same. Different line clarity, asymmetry - these are side effects that will have to be corrected additionally.

It is not recommended to steam the skin after tattooing, so for the first year you will have to abandon the bath, sauna, and inhalations.

When the tattoo starts to wear off, it can wear off unevenly. Gradually, the eyebrows begin to appear different. In this case, you will have to go to the procedure again or draw on your own with a pencil.

Immediately after applying permanent makeup, it looks very bright. The eyebrows will stand out strongly on the face. But after a couple of months, this effect will be less noticeable.

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