How To Cut With Hot Scissors

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How To Cut With Hot Scissors
How To Cut With Hot Scissors

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Recently, beauty salons and hairdressing salons have offered many new procedures, the names of which are surprising, and sometimes even frightening. Hearing about a haircut with hot scissors, some already imagine the smell of burnt hair. Such an idea is far from the true state of affairs.

When working with hot scissors, do not rush, each hair should be sealed
When working with hot scissors, do not rush, each hair should be sealed


Step 1

The popularity of hot haircuts is due to the effect it gives. Most often it is "prescribed" to all girls whose hair is worn out by regular styling, permanent perms and coloring. As a result of such procedures, the hair becomes brittle and begins to split. It is believed that hot scissors seal each hair, causing the hair to stop bifurcating. The hot haircut is especially fond of girls who purposefully grow their hair, because often such hair is not cut, which means that it is impossible to simply cut the split ends. The fact is that the effect from it lasts 3-4 times longer than from a regular haircut. During this time, the hair has time to grow back.

Step 2

Hot scissors are, in fact, ordinary scissors, equipped with a wire, plug and battery, but working with such scissors has its own nuances. You should wash your head before cutting, as any styling products on the hair will quickly dull the scissors.

Step 3

It is important to set the correct temperature setting. Very thin and colored hair is cut at a relatively low temperature, and straight and thick hair is cut at a maximum. It is the mistake with the choice of temperature that often leads to the fact that the result of the procedure is either reduced to nothing, or does not last long.

Step 4

Most often, hot scissors work with a pointing technique. First, the vertical strands are highlighted and the ends are cut off with the tips of the scissors at an angle. You should work slowly so that every hair has time to be soldered. When all the hair is passed vertically, the horizontal strands are selected and continue in the same way. This way all the hair will be covered.

Step 5

Do not expect the effect of the procedure immediately. It is necessary to do 4-5 procedures. In addition, the ends of the hair, especially the long ones, need special care, so use professional hair end products. By applying them immediately after a hot haircut in very small quantities, you can very quickly restore the shine and strength of your hair.

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