How To Do Eyelash Extension

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How To Do Eyelash Extension
How To Do Eyelash Extension

Long eyelashes are a natural adornment for any woman. But if nature has not endowed you with this decoration, do not be discouraged - modern cosmetology offers different ways to solve this problem. One of them is eyelash extensions. After this procedure, the eyes become expressive and simply irresistible.

How to do eyelash extension
How to do eyelash extension


Step 1

First, some general information. The main thing in the extension procedure is three components: high-quality artificial eyelashes, an experienced master and no allergy to materials (eyelashes and glue). During the session, artificial eyelashes are attached to their own eyelashes. This process is completely painless. Good quality artificial eyelashes are made from natural materials, sable and mink hairs, as well as silk. To avoid allergic reactions, it is better to use eyelashes made from these materials, or, in extreme cases, from silicone. The procedure in time can vary from an hour to three. The duration depends on the method of building. There are two ways of building - beam and eyelash.

Step 2

When extending eyelashes using the beam method, a bunch of artificial six or eight pieces will be attached to your real eyelashes. Such eyelashes are made exclusively synthetic, and this is noticeable. Two more disadvantages of the beam method are that if the beam falls out on the eyelid, there will be a noticeably empty space, and such eyelashes last only ten days. The cilia (Japanese) method consists in attaching one artificial eyelash to each natural eyelash. This extension method is more laborious, takes more time and is more expensive, but the effect will be much better - the eyelashes look natural and last longer - about three months.

Step 3

Rinse off makeup and thoroughly cleanse your eyelashes before the procedure. If the eyelashes are light, they must be dyed in advance so that the natural eyelashes do not differ in color from the extended ones.

Step 4

Extend eyelashes of different lengths to make your eyes look more natural. Also, an experienced cosmetologist will carefully select the desired color and curve for you.

Step 5

So, the goal is achieved: eyelashes are extended and your eyes are simply irresistible. Now you need to take care of preserving this beauty. Do not rub your eyes with your hands, do not cry, do not use oily eyeshadow, do not sleep with your face in the pillow. If, nevertheless, eyelashes have suffered, go for a correction. The correction takes less time than a full extension session.