How To Dress Beautifully And Stylishly

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How To Dress Beautifully And Stylishly
How To Dress Beautifully And Stylishly

Video: How To Dress Beautifully And Stylishly

Video: How To Dress Beautifully And Stylishly

The answer to this question seems obvious - every season to change the entire wardrobe for fashionable novelties, and to buy everything in expensive boutiques. It would be nice to pay for an image specialist, as the stars do. … And since it is very expensive, is it worth the effort? You are a prisoner of stereotypes! And it's worth a try!

How to dress beautifully and stylishly
How to dress beautifully and stylishly


Step 1

The first step is to make a complete revision of your wardrobe. Alone, try on basic things in front of the mirror - a classic suit, a little black dress, a white shirt, navy or black classic jeans, a pencil skirt. You can have other customized basic items as well. For example, the current gray skinny pants. Pay attention to outerwear as well. Every stylish girl should have a trench coat and a warm wool coat. If something from this list has fallen into disrepair, has become out of size or simply does not decorate you - donate it to charity. Perhaps something is missing - put all this on the list - you will need to purchase these things first.

Step 2

Second, study the information. It's not a bad idea to buy two or three fashion magazines - you no longer need to, and use the possibilities of the Internet. A week of work - and you will be fully aware of fashion trends.

Step 3

Now you need to "recruit" an ally - a friend or relative who loves you disinterestedly, has free time. Bring it to the heart of the problem, go through fashion magazines together, discussing in advance what to buy. Yes, before going to the store, evaluate together objectively the advantages and disadvantages of your figure. The simplest example is that a stylish girl will not show the world both too thin and too thick knees. In these cases, instead of a mini skirt, you need to choose something else.

Step 4

So, together, go first to the boutiques that receive all the fashion news. It is unreasonable to buy anything there, because the prices for new collections are always off scale, but it is definitely worth trying on fashionable novelties. At least to understand which of them suits you. You are now ready to take action. You will find everything you need in shopping centers and even in the markets, spending some effort. Take a look at second-hand shops, where you can find items of the basic category made from natural fabrics, which in other places are worth a fortune.

Step 5

When you go to buy something, your ally should be with you, since the sellers will vying with each other to claim that everything is great. When buying a new wardrobe item, match the new item with all the rest of its contents. Even if the thing is good, but it is either nothing with, or nowhere to put it on, this is thrown away money.

Step 6

Pay attention to the accessories. For example, this season it is enough to buy long leather gloves - they will add chic to both an old evening dress and a simple woolen jacket.

The fact that you did everything right - the interested glances and compliments of men will tell you. And, perhaps, some cooling on the part of women - now they see you as a worthy rival.