How To Be Stylish And Beautiful

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How To Be Stylish And Beautiful
How To Be Stylish And Beautiful

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Any woman wants to attract glances and arouse admiration. There are women who were born perfect, and there are women who made themselves. Sometimes, in order to be stylish and beautiful, you have to work hard - to find your individuality.

How to be stylish and beautiful
How to be stylish and beautiful


Step 1

Facial expression. Even the most expensive and chic clothes will not smooth out the impression of a woman with dull eyes and universal longing on her face. The smile has not spoiled anyone yet, so show it more often. Feel your self-sufficiency - you clearly have something to be proud of! Straighten your shoulders, raise your head, add confidence in your gaze and walk proudly towards your victories.

Step 2

Look for your style. You are not required to strictly adhere to classic or sporty standards. Perhaps you will be able to find a perfectly successful mix of styles and this will only be your feature. Listen to your feelings - what have you always lacked? Comfort, elegance, casual romance, or have you always wanted to be the queen of outrageousness? Bring your ideas to life - through trial and error, you will come to the desired result and find your own style.

Step 3

Be careful with flowers. Conduct a revision - collect fabrics of different colors and attach them to your face in front of a mirror. You will immediately see which ones are clearly spoiling you - remember these colors and never use them in your outfits. Check successful options for compatibility with other colors and tones. Stick to a simple rule - combinations of no more than three colors are successful. "Dilute" monochromatic outfits with bright accessories, and "soothe" flashy suits with calm details.

Step 4

Know how to be slim. Being stylish and beautiful does not mean having perfect proportions at all. If you have a curvaceous figure, then do not make the typical mistake - do not buy larger clothing. Showcase your strengths and hide what you want to hide with details - accessories and clothing items.

Step 5

Show off your beauty. An amazingly beautiful woman is made by her image - makeup, clothes, hairstyle, gait, head turn, look and other individual characteristics. Present yourself with dignity and be sure - you are beautiful!

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