How To Wash Off Red Paint

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How To Wash Off Red Paint
How To Wash Off Red Paint

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The ginger dye is one of the most persistent and difficult to remove. And this sunny color is not suitable for everyone. So women and girls, who have put an unsuccessful experiment on their hair, have to remove red paint. In order not to spoil your curls completely, you need to know how to do it correctly.

How to wash off red paint
How to wash off red paint


Step 1

To remove ginger paint, purchase a decapage agent or color correction (removal) system from professional stores. These products are very similar in composition to hair bleaching products. Only buy a dye remover from the company whose dye you used to color your hair. Otherwise, you not only will not wash off the unnecessary tone, but also have a chance to become an absolutely unexpected color.

Step 2

Very often, hair dye removers, like the dye itself, consist of several tubes with different compositions. Before using, read the instructions and familiarize yourself with how to properly mix these ingredients.

Step 3

Always wear rubber gloves on your hands before starting the procedure. You will most likely find them in a decapage kit.

Step 4

Drain the tubes together and shake the container several times for better mixing.

Step 5

Apply the resulting mixture to dry hair. It is better not to wash your hair for 2-3 days before the procedure. This will cause the least damage to your curls.

Step 6

Place a plastic cap over your head for a warm effect.

Step 7

The mixture is kept on the hair for 20-40 minutes, depending on the composition of the wash. The exact time is indicated in the instructions for use, which will definitely be in the box.

Step 8

When the allotted time is over, wash your hair with shampoo. It is better to use a special product for use after decapage. If you haven't found what you need, buy a dry hair product. It will wash away the composition well from the hair, moisturize and strengthen damaged curls.

Step 9

After that, be sure to use conditioner or conditioner - conditioner for colored hair. Better yet, apply a nourishing mask.

Step 10

There are also folk remedies for washing off red paint. But they do not always help. Of course, there will be no harm, so you can try them first.

Step 11

In order to wash off the red paint, apply burdock oil to your hair. You need to hold it for 5-6 hours. Perhaps the unnecessary color scheme will not wash off at all, but your curls will receive an excellent vitamin recharge.

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