Hair Removal Permanently At Home

Hair Removal Permanently At Home
Hair Removal Permanently At Home

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Today, beauty salons offer a large number of methods that will help get rid of excess hair. However, not everyone can afford them and many prefer to use proven home methods.

Hair removal permanently at home
Hair removal permanently at home

If we talk about traditional ways of dealing with unwanted vegetation on the body at home, there are four of the most popular of them.

Shaving is the easiest method, but to get good results it requires high-quality devices: a machine, replaceable cartridges for it, a special cream or balm after depilation.

Wax depilation is a simple, effective method that is affordable for many, but quite painful. The principle of the procedure is that preheated wax is applied to the skin with unwanted hair, and on top of it a paper or cloth strip. After the wax hardens, it is torn off in the direction against the growth of the hair. The procedure has contraindications - it is not recommended to use it for those who have problems with blood vessels.

A simple and inexpensive way to depilate is using special cosmetics, usually creams or gels. The effect is achieved quickly, but it is not durable - only 10-15 days and a second procedure is required. Another disadvantage is that preparations that fight excess hair dry out the skin a lot.

Shugaring is one of the newfangled ways to get rid of hair, which came from antiquity. It is similar in technology to wax depilation, but slightly less painful. The sugar mass applied to the problem area of ​​the skin, brought to a caramel state, after cooling is torn off in the direction of hair growth, this ensures the removal of hairs along with the bulbs.

There are several ways to make sugar paste. First: mix squeezed juice from half a lemon with 10 tbsp. sugar and 1 tbsp. water. For the second option for preparing sugar mass, you need to take 3 tbsp. honey, juice of half a lemon, 8 tbsp. sugar, combine all the ingredients. The mixture must be brought to a boil over low heat, and then cooked until the consistency of thick sour cream is obtained. After the mass has cooled, apply it in a thin layer to the necessary places, cover with a napkin. After 10-15 minutes, everything needs to be removed with a sharp movement.

At home, alternative methods can also be used to remove unwanted hair, such as infusions from mixtures of herbs, nuts and other ingredients.

Walnut epilation is one of the most popular treatments for unwanted hair. To complete it, you need juice from the peel of slightly unripe fruits. They wipe problem areas three times a day. The result of the procedure is the cessation of hair growth on the skin surface.

An easy way to remove hair is to use wild grape juice. The berries need to be squeezed well and rubbed with the resulting juice daily. Within a month, the product should get rid of unwanted hair.

To prepare an ointment for hair removal using pine nuts, it is necessary to grind the shell to a state of flour and add a little water until a mushy mixture is obtained. If the resulting ointment is applied to areas with unwanted hair, then after about 2 weeks the result will be noticeable.

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