Eyelash Extension Effects

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Eyelash Extension Effects
Eyelash Extension Effects

Video: Eyelash Extension Effects

Video: Eyelash Extension Effects
Video: Eyelashes EXTENSION experience- Mamta Sachdeva 2023, December

Opinions differ on eyelash extensions. Reviews of girls who have tried this procedure are completely contradictory. Some advise you to try, and they say that there is absolutely nothing to fear. Others show pictures of eyelashes that have fallen out after the procedure. What to do? Should you try eyelash extensions?

Is it worth to extend eyelashes
Is it worth to extend eyelashes

Eyelash Extension Effects

Today, the internet is filled with many reviews and tips for eyelash extensions. Should you extend your eyelashes? How to choose the right master and keep your own eyelashes healthy?

You can use only proven methods and proven masters. Lucky girls who are lucky with the choice of a master can scoff as much as they want at those who have not yet decided on this procedure and are still in doubt. But it is better to first carefully weigh the pros and cons than to rush into the pool headlong. Lost health and beauty is not as easy to regain as it is to lose.

Eyelash Extension Effects

Eyelash Extension Effects
Eyelash Extension Effects

After the eyelash extension, your look, of course, will become incredibly expressive. Today there are many techniques on which the volume and appearance of eyelashes will depend: doll effect, squirrel effect, 2D effect, 3D effect, etc. You can choose the angle of curl of the lashes: from more natural to stronger. You will definitely look amazing. But first, weigh the pros and cons.

Benefits of eyelash extension:

  • Saving time on makeup.
  • Now you will always be beautiful, even without the use of cosmetics: when you wake up, in the pool, on vacation, on a trip or at sea;
  • Eyelashes look beautiful, lush and natural;
  • Eyelash extensions are great for various events, for example, for a wedding;
  • On rainy days, your gaze will remain expressive and you will not look like Pierrot.

Possible side effects and limitations:

  • After the procedure itself and within 2-4 days, sensations of pain and inflammation of the eyes are possible;
  • For at least a day after the procedure, avoid "hot spots" - baths, saunas, hot showers;
  • It is necessary to touch the eyelashes as little as possible to avoid flaking: wash your face gently; sleep without face-to-face contact with the pillow. If you use lenses, remove them very carefully as well;
  • Eliminate oil-based cosmetics from your face care products, as oily bases destroy the adhesive that holds lashes in place;
  • The procedure is quite expensive: from 2000 rubles from a competent specialist
  • If you have allergic reactions, first ask the master to extend eyelashes only in the corners of the eyes, and test the reaction of your skin for several days. If there are no signs of allergy, you can go through the procedure.

How to choose an eyelash extension master

Of course, the side effects are not impressive, but that does not mean that you need to give up your desire. Just be responsible in choosing a master and be careful about it. To select a competent professional, use the following methods:

  • Conduct a survey among your girlfriends who have already undergone this procedure and have gone through the eyelash removal procedure. If their reviews are positive and you see that their eyelashes are in perfect order after removal, you can contact the recommended master.
  • Do not use services that cost less than 2000 rubles. Almost all reviews about procedures with a cost below are negative. This is due to the fact that high-quality materials are not cheap, which means that the procedure cannot have a low cost. Otherwise, the consequences may not be the best …
  • Visit the master first and talk to him personally. Ask for 10 minutes. Craftsmen value their clients, so of course they will answer all your questions. By communicating with the master, you will understand the level of his competence: a professional will answer all questions without hesitation, will conduct a conversation openly. He has nothing to hide. Also, chat with his clients whom you meet in the salon. Girls, as a rule, are sociable and will gladly share their impressions of the work of the master.
  • Experts advise when choosing a master to pay attention to such things: work experience should be at least 2-3 years, the eyelash extension procedure should not take more than 1, 5-2 hours.
  • If there are no friends among your friends whose experience you can rely on, try contacting video bloggers. There are many female bloggers on YouTube who lead video reports, talking about their own experiences and sharing their self-care secrets. By the way the blogger speaks, you will understand how much you can trust him. Popular bloggers who are trusted by the audience have a subscriber base of 1,000 to 100,000. The number of views on the records is also from tens of thousands. Try to find a blogger in your city and contact the master he recommends.
  • Go to the forum pages about beauty and health, look at the topics that already exist there. You can create your own theme, for example “Eyelash extension in Moscow. Help me choose a master. " In the subject, write a request to share your experience and recommend a professional. If the forum is popular, then you will receive a lot of answers already on the first day.
  • Don't ignore social media either. Go to the group page of any beauty salon in your city, see the comments of the participants. And contact directly one of the girls who used the services of the master.