Is It Worth To Extend Eyelashes

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Is It Worth To Extend Eyelashes
Is It Worth To Extend Eyelashes

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Eyelash extensions are an easy way to make your eyes look wider and more expressive. Not every woman has thick enough eyelashes, and in such cases, just extension saves. This technique has both positive and negative sides, so it is important to understand whether or not to extend your eyelashes.

Is it worth to extend eyelashes
Is it worth to extend eyelashes

A few words about the procedure

When extending eyelashes, they are attached to the base of the "native" eyelashes. The extension process can take 2-3 hours (it all depends on what exactly the eyelashes should be). After gluing the cilia (and they are glued one at a time), it is necessary to blow a fan over the face. During the entire procedure, the person must lie with his eyes closed.

Benefits of the procedure

That is why it is worth building eyelashes:

  1. Fluffy and long eyelashes, curved upward, look charming and attractive.
  2. Artificial eyelashes are expressive and bright, so you can refuse mascara.
  3. You can choose the type and length of cilia yourself.
  4. Thanks to this frame, you can correct the shape of the eyes.
  5. It is easier to attach different jewelry to fake eyelashes.
  6. If the eyelashes are extended by a qualified specialist, the eyelashes will last for about a month without additional corrections.
  7. The procedure does not bring pain or discomfort.

The aesthetic benefits of fake eyelashes can hardly be overestimated, especially when you consider the time saved on makeup. Also, such eyelashes will help you take beautiful selfies, which is useful for beauty bloggers. But before you carry out such a procedure, you should take into account some of the negative aspects.

Disadvantages of the procedure

And here are a few disadvantages of eyelash extensions:

  1. You will have to wash yourself more carefully, since you cannot rub or fiddle with artificial eyelashes.
  2. It is also prohibited to sleep with your face on the pillow.
  3. Do not use oily make-up removers, so you should give up long-lasting cosmetics.
  4. A person needs to give up wearing contact lenses.
  5. You should paint your eyes as carefully as possible so as not to hurt your artificial eyelashes.
  6. Correction should be carried out every 3-4 weeks, and only in this case they will be fluffy and beautiful.
  7. If a person has breakage, weak and thin eyelashes, it is dangerous to extend eyelashes.

If you treat temporary eyelashes carefully, they will delight the owner for a very long time and will not cause discomfort. However, a number of negative aspects can become a serious obstacle even for those who want to decorate their eyelashes for a wedding or for a trip to the sea.

How harmful is eyelash extension

Unfortunately, the extension of native eyelashes seriously spoils them. There is even an opinion that they will fall under the weight of artificial hair. But not everything is so bad - if a person takes care of the eyelashes and nourishes them, they will become more durable.

It is also important to remember that as soon as a woman takes off her eyelash extensions, her own hairs may seem faded, thin and small. In fact, this is an illusion, and a person needs a little time to get used to their eyelashes.

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