How To Enlarge Lips At Home

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How To Enlarge Lips At Home
How To Enlarge Lips At Home

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Plump, well-defined lips are the epitome of sensuality that is always in fashion. But not all women can boast of Angelina Jolie's smile. There are several ways to enlarge your lips. Among them are surgical, physical and visual. We will not talk about surgical methods, but physical and visual methods are quite accessible to every girl.

By applying the right lipstick, you can make them look plump
By applying the right lipstick, you can make them look plump


Step 1

Physically, the lips can be enlarged with regular exercise.

The first exercise is symbolically called "fish". Stretch your lips as much as possible, curling up into a tube, then close your lips and relax. Do it for a minute. There is a modification of this exercise. After curling your lips into a tube, stretch them out into the widest possible smile, as if you are a Cheshire cat.

Step 2

The second exercise is called the camel. Close your lips and move them, describing the figure eight, as if you are a camel and chew your favorite food.

Step 3

Third exercise: anteater. Open your mouth and stick your tongue out as far as possible. Hold for 3 seconds. Hide your tongue, relax your facial muscles, relax for 2 seconds. Then repeat again.

Step 4

Exercise 4: Blow out the fuse. Pull your lips out with a straw and exhale as sharply as if you urgently need to extinguish the wick for 3 seconds. Then relax your lips.

Step 5

Fifth exercise: "Ball fish". Inflate your cheeks by drawing air into your lungs. Fold your lips into a tube. Now forcefully push the air out through the small crack. Finally, push out the remaining air with sharp jerks.

Step 6

Sixth exercise: "Coyote". Stretch out the vowels "A-O-U-Y-I" loudly, then inhale deeply, exhale through the half-closed lips with effort to get a low humming sound.

Step 7

The visual method is to change the shape of the lips with the help of decorative cosmetics. Apply foundation on face and lips, powder, removing excess moisture. Then outline the lip contour with a light beige pencil 1-2 mm above the natural contour. Use a cotton swab or sponge to blend the resulting line. When applying the main outline, remember that it should also be quite light. Apply lipstick to the color of the contour from the center of the lip to the edges, blending it with a brush. The final stage is the application of a transparent gloss. It will optically enlarge your lips.

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