Make Your Lips Look Big And Sexy. Special Set Of Exercises

Make Your Lips Look Big And Sexy. Special Set Of Exercises
Make Your Lips Look Big And Sexy. Special Set Of Exercises

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Many girls dream of juicy and plump lips, but not everyone has the money for injections and the services of a plastic surgeon. You can add volume to your lips with very simple exercises.

Make your lips look big and sexy. Special set of exercises
Make your lips look big and sexy. Special set of exercises

For a long time, plump lips were perceived as a sign of a woman's fertility and were one of the criteria for beauty. Today, the situation has not changed much, otherwise Botox injections would not be so popular. It should be noted that the exercise does not give a permanent effect; over time, the lips will return to their previous size. But there is a way out of this situation. All exercises can be done while working or cleaning the house, cooking, or traveling on public transport. Having instilled in yourself such a habit, you will forever say goodbye to thin and expressionless lips.

The most effective lip augmentation agent is the usual whistle. You need to whistle for at least five minutes in a row, it is best to whistle different familiar melodies. Small vibration has a beneficial effect on muscle tissue, causing it to expand. In addition, blood flow in the lips increases, their color becomes more pronounced. Whistling is a great warm-up before doing other exercises.

Note that the whistling will not only help make your lips look fuller, but also increase their sensitivity. Perhaps it is for this reason that the ability to whistle melodiously is one of the hallmarks of sexuality.

After warming up, you can start training the labial muscles. The most suitable exercise for this is curling the lips into a tube and tightening them strongly. After that, you need to stretch your lips in a wide smile and repeat the exercise at least 50 times. Such gymnastics is able to stir up unused muscle fibers and cause their slight increase, which will be reflected in an increase in volume. By the way, this exercise will be very useful for young girls who want to prevent the appearance of mimic wrinkles in the mouth.

When curling the lips into a tube no longer causes a feeling of fatigue, this exercise can be replaced with another, more intense one. You need to put your finger to the center of the lips and press lightly. At the same time, the lips need to be moved forward, folding them as in a kiss and overcoming the resistance of the finger. One such exercise will be enough to increase the volume of the lips, if you do 200-250 repetitions twice a day.

The effect of exercise appears to its full extent on the 7-10th day of systematic exercise. If lip gymnastics is not performed, the swelling will last for about two days.

When lip augmentation with the help of exercises, you should try in every possible way to increase the blood flow of the tissues. Finger massage works well for this. It should be performed for 10-15 minutes, strongly squeezing the lip tissue with the pads, rubbing and kneading it. Lip biting is a good addition to finger massage. You can go from mild to more severe, causing mild pain. This technique will not only add volume to the lips in a few minutes, but also make their color more expressive.

Massage should be done by removing makeup from the lips. After doing it, do not apply lipstick or lip gloss right away, it is better to first lubricate them with a nourishing lotion.

It is recommended to finish lip exercises by pulling in. The lips need to be closed and strongly drawn into the mouth, pressing them with your teeth and fixing them in this position for 20-30 seconds. It is necessary to repeat this exercise about 10 times - this will dilate the blood vessels and ensure rapid blood flow.

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