What Tools Does A Beautician Need

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What Tools Does A Beautician Need
What Tools Does A Beautician Need

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Cosmetology implies the prevention and treatment of the skin of the face, body, hair, as well as the correction of various defects in appearance, using special equipment and professional cosmetics. The task of the cosmetologist is to give everyone a feeling of their own attractiveness. Therefore, reliable and high-quality equipment, cosmetics and tools are of great importance to him.

What tools does a beautician need
What tools does a beautician need


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The first step to beauty is a cleansed skin. The most competent way to do the facial cleansing procedure is only with the help of a professional. The peeling, designed to restore and heal the skin, does an excellent job with this task. One of the most popular procedures in beauty salons is chemical peeling. It is carried out using fruit or AHA acids applied in a thin layer to the skin. Also, this procedure helps to cure acne. In addition to chemical peels, you can use various creams and gels that contain a weak concentration of fruit acids.

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Stone therapy is a healing and total relaxation technique based on a combination of two contrasts: hot and cold, active and passive, relaxing and exciting. To carry it out, you will need a set of semi-precious stones. After stone therapy, the skin becomes smooth, elastic, acquires a pleasant shine, and its protective functions increase.

Step 3

Professional depilatory products include preparations for preparing the skin for the procedure, for carrying out the depilation itself, as well as for subsequent skin care. High-quality fruit waxes and all kinds of depilation tools will make this procedure more pleasant and effective.

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Thanks to the remarkable results, comfortable sensations and affordable cost, paraffin therapy has become very popular. The healing effect of paraffin is due to chemical, thermal and mechanical effects. The chemical effect is explained by the presence in the drugs used of a large number of biologically active substances with absorbable, anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties. Thermal exposure relieves fatigue, muscle tension and pain disappear, microcirculation and metabolic processes in tissues improve, due to which beneficial substances penetrate deeper into the skin, softening, nourishing, soothing and smoothing it. The mechanical effect is due to the property of paraffin to decrease in volume during solidification, ultimately increasing the elasticity of the skin.

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Also, such a cosmetic procedure as anti-cellulite parafango mud wrap is in great demand. It is based on the principles of heat therapy and thalassotherapy, which provide a significant reduction in volume and increase the elasticity of the skin in problem areas. The healing effect is achieved using a special mixture of paraffin and micronized sea mud containing extracts of active substances.

Step 6

Collagen lifting masks are widely used to tighten the oval of the face, moisturize and tone the skin of the face and neck. They are highly effective for express care, allowing you to achieve good results in a very short period of time. Such masks are the leaders in today's cosmetology. They combine the benefits of natural botanicals and the latest advances in biotechnology to restore health and freshness to the skin.

Step 7

The solarium also enjoys great success among the beautiful half of humanity. It not only gives the body a beautiful bronze tint, but also compensates to a certain extent for the lack of UV rays in winter.In addition, there are special cosmetics that accelerate the production of melanin in skin tissues. This contributes to the protection of the skin and increases the intensity of tanning.

Step 8

A cosmetologist cannot do without technological innovations; high-tech cosmetic combines have gained great popularity. For example, this is the latest method to combat cellulite, edema, muscle atony, and problems with blood circulation. Painless, effective procedures based on a combination of ultrasound methods, chromotherapy, infrared rays, vacuum massage and electromyostimulation provide an opportunity to obtain noticeable long-term results.

Step 9

For the comfort of each client, for the quality work of a specialist, comfortable, carefully thought out furniture and cosmetic equipment are of great importance. There are no small details on the path to perfection. To obtain the desired result, both various cosmetic preparations, microcurrents, sterilizers and cosmetology combines are important, as well as the design of a beauty salon - tables, armchairs and couches.

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