How To Stack Chemistry

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How To Stack Chemistry
How To Stack Chemistry

Video: How To Stack Chemistry

Video: How To Stack Chemistry
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Perm is just a salvation for those women who naturally have thin or thin hair. And if they are also prone to greasy, perm is just the perfect solution. After her, the hairstyle becomes more magnificent, because of the curls, the density of the hair increases, their fat content decreases. In addition, styling with a perm does not require much effort.

How to stack chemistry
How to stack chemistry


Step 1

How to properly style the chemistry so that your hair does not look like a washcloth, and the hairstyle looks the way you want? Immediately after you have done a perm, hair cannot be dried with a hairdryer, collected in a ponytail, rolled on curlers, twisted wet, go to bed with wet. To fix the curls, for two days after a perm, the hair must be dried only naturally; you can comb it only with a comb or a comb with large sparse teeth, without pulling. The curling chemical lasts for two days, so deformation of wet hair can lead to the fact that the curls will be damaged.

Step 2

You can get a good hairstyle with a perm on your hair in the easiest way. After washing your hair, dry your hair with a towel, comb it with a rare comb, then apply hair balm. After that, the hair should be lightly tucked in with your hands to form curls, and allowed to dry naturally.

Step 3

If you like the effect of wet hair, with a perm, this will not be a problem. After shampooing, the hair is blotted with a towel, curling the curls, and a gel or foam is applied to them to create a "wet" effect. Moreover, the strands are well moistened with the tool. After that, they again tighten the curls with their hands and let the hair dry without a hairdryer. For this purpose, a regular foam or mousse for hair styling is also suitable, only it needs to be taken a little more than for simply fixing the hairstyle.

Step 4

When you want to get lush wavy curls, you need to style the chemistry using means that fix the curls. They are applied to damp hair after washing, after which the strands are allowed to dry.

Step 5

If you need to quickly dry your hair using a hair dryer, you must use a diffuser when perming to prevent the air flow from fanning or straightening the wavy curls.

Step 6

Perm helps to significantly extend the life of the curls rolled on the curlers, therefore, if you want to get large curls, apply a means to fix them on wet hair and wind the hair on curlers of the desired size. If you're not in a rush, you can let your hair dry naturally.