How To Remove Redness Under The Eyes?

How To Remove Redness Under The Eyes?
How To Remove Redness Under The Eyes?

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Redness of the skin around the eyes is not uncommon. The skin in this area is more delicate and thin, and therefore such an area is more susceptible to the negative effects of the external environment. As a result, an allergic reaction or irritation may occur. You can get rid of redness under the eyes, but first you need to find out the specific cause of its occurrence.

How to remove redness under the eyes?
How to remove redness under the eyes?

An allergic reaction can externally manifest itself in the form of redness of the skin around the eyes, as well as swelling of the upper or lower eyelid. These symptoms can be accompanied by tearing, itching, flaking, and dry skin.

Redness of the eyes and adjacent skin can occur in patients who are prone to other allergic manifestations - for example, allergies to cat hair, perfume, dust.

In terms of its symptoms, allergies can resemble conjunctivitis. It is recommended to contact your doctor at the first symptoms. This will help in a timely diagnosis to determine the presence of the disease.

Signs of allergies such as skin redness and irritation often result from the use of cosmetics. Hairspray, gel or skin cream can cause allergies if there is already such a reaction to any component in the composition of the product.

In addition, redness under the eyes can appear for other reasons:

- irregular meals;

- unbalanced diet;

- food allergy.

In the first two cases, you need to think about proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

In addition, red circles under the eyes can indicate an infection in the body. They can appear due to the intoxication of the body of viruses, bacteria, or the waste products of parasites.

Worm infestations are a common cause of reddening of the skin around the eyes, especially in babies. Therefore, it is very important for both adults and children to observe hygiene. It is necessary to wash your hands before eating, after visiting the street, toilet.

Skin redness and itching can also be caused by sun allergies. Moreover, even ordinary tap water can cause such symptoms if the skin around the eyes is very sensitive.

Disruption of metabolic processes, dysbiosis can serve as a foundation for reddening of the skin in the eye area. Therefore, for a qualitative study, it may be necessary to consult a gastroenterologist and an endocrinologist.

Now it is worth figuring out how to eliminate redness from the skin around the eyes using medications. It is worth noting here that you need to buy medicines only after consulting a doctor, since it is impossible to independently determine the degree of risk.

However, you can take the following actions:

- remove all kinds of allergens, from food, cosmetics, and ending with drugs;

- if eliminating the allergen does not work for you, you can take an antihistamine.

If there is no health hazard, your doctor may prescribe hormones to reduce redness and itching. If the symptoms are accompanied by a bacterial infection, you will need to take antibiotics. Also, your doctor may prescribe drops for eye redness.

Gels and creams will help to eliminate or reduce an allergic reaction on the skin under the eyes.

Parsley lotions can help get rid of redness of the skin. It should be finely chopped and put into small bags of gauze or bandage. Then you need to take a horizontal position and lie down for a while, putting these on your closed eyes.

Another good remedy is chamomile decoction. This herb has long been renowned for its ability to soothe itching and irritation.

Dill decoction will also help. It perfectly relieves swelling, and also soothes the skin in the problem area. To do this, take a cotton swab, dip it into a warm broth, and then apply it to your eyes.After about 2 minutes, the tampon will cool down and the procedure will need to be repeated.

Help relieve redness around the eyes and dill seeds. They should also be folded into a bag, then dipped in warm, almost hot water, then squeezed out a little and put on eyelids.

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