Methods For Strengthening Nails

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Methods For Strengthening Nails
Methods For Strengthening Nails

Video: Methods For Strengthening Nails

Video: Methods For Strengthening Nails
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The beauty of the hands depends on the health and condition of the nails. Dryness, cool weather, lack of nutrients - these factors adversely affect the nail plates. The nails should be looked after regularly.

Methods for strengthening nails
Methods for strengthening nails

There are many ways to strengthen your nails at home. These include various creams, hand masks, baths, proper nutrition.

Nail care involves the use of strengthening products that you can buy at pharmacies or prepare yourself. To keep you happy with your manicure, consider the most effective nail care methods.

Methods for strengthening nails

Manicurists recommend using the following tools to help strengthen the nail plates:

1. The structure, strength and growth of nails are dependent on nutrients and vitamins. If the nails often break, exfoliate, it means that the body lacks iodine and calcium. The first step you should take to strengthen your nails is to restore the vitamin balance. Vitamins can be bought at the pharmacy in the form of a special vitamin complex or obtained through healthy food. Cheese, nuts, honey, fruits and vegetables, dairy products have a positive effect on strengthening nails.

2. Gel: Today, nails can be strengthened by applying acrylic or gel. A layer of the applied substance will protect the nails from mechanical stress, while it does not violate the structure of the marigold. The nails under the gel are more durable, they do not exfoliate. Biogel is able to smooth out defects, giving the hands a more neat look.

3. As a rule, the strengthening nail polish is colorless and can be applied as a base for colored varnishes. In the composition of such varnishes there are nutrients that just protect the nails from harmful effects.

4. Firming baths can have a firming effect, they soften the cuticle. Warm baths with salt or iodine are most effective.

Folk remedies for strengthening nails

The beauty of your hands depends on you, use these proven folk remedies:

  • Cover your nails with iodine once a week to make your nails look clear and prevent them from flaking.
  • Lubricate your nails with olive oil or sunflower oil twice a week to make the nail plate smoother.
  • Dip your fingertips into the melted wax, leave the wax on your nails overnight. Then place your hands under cold water and peel off the wax. Perform the procedure every two weeks.
  • Plain lemon will help strengthen the nail plate. Cut 2 large lemon wedges and insert your nails into them, hold for 15-20 minutes.
  • Milk baths will saturate your nails with calcium. Just heat the milk until warm, dip your fingers in it for 15 minutes. Then wash your hands thoroughly.

Strengthening nails after extension

To restore a healthy look to your hands after nail extension, you need not to use decorative varnish for a whole month. In this case, you should actively use the above methods.

If the nails flake off completely, change their structure, become bumpy, then there is only one way out - to seek qualified help from a dermatologist.