How Eyebrow Tattoo Is Done And Why Is It Needed

How Eyebrow Tattoo Is Done And Why Is It Needed
How Eyebrow Tattoo Is Done And Why Is It Needed

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Sparse, discolored or completely missing eyebrows is a flaw that will ruin even a very beautiful face. Tattooing will help to correct the situation. To make your eyebrows look natural, it is important to choose an experienced master, high-quality paint and learn as much as possible about the pros and cons of the procedure.

How eyebrow tattoo is done and why is it needed
How eyebrow tattoo is done and why is it needed

Permanent makeup or tattooing is recommended for girls with very thin or unevenly growing eyebrows, as well as for those who suffer from alopecia - complete hair loss. This type of correction will also be a way out for owners of asymmetric eyebrows. Permanent make-up can retouch scars, lengthen or widen the eyebrows, and give them the desired break. Makeup artists recommend permanent makeup for very light blondes, whose face without makeup looks colorless. Permanent makeup is also suitable for those who do not have the opportunity to constantly use decorative cosmetics, but want to look perfect under any circumstances. Permanent makeup does not flow, is not affected by heat or moisture. Moreover, it is practically harmless, because the paint is injected only into the upper layers of the skin.

Before deciding on the procedure, it is necessary to take into account the contraindications. Permanent make-up should not be done during pregnancy and exacerbation of chronic diseases. Permanent makeup is absolutely contraindicated for those who suffer from diabetes mellitus and various allergic reactions. Be careful if your skin is prone to scarring or scarring.

The essence of the procedure is simple. First, the pattern and color of future eyebrows are selected. Then the master beautician outlines the contour and injects the paint under the skin with a special machine, imitating the hairs. Immediately after the procedure, the eyebrow looks swollen and reddened, then the skin begins to peel off. After the dead particles of the epithelium come off, the eyebrows acquire their permanent appearance.

The paint applied to the eyebrows lasts for several years, and then gradually begins to fade. To maintain the beauty of the eyebrows, the procedure will have to be repeated.

Tattooing is performed without anesthesia. Usually, a beautician uses only a special cream that softens discomfort. The speed of healing and the painful sensations depend on the client. Some women consider the procedure to be practically painless, others note that it is quite unpleasant, and numbness, itching and tingling in the eyebrow area persist for several days.

Carefulness of the work is important in tattooing. To make your eyebrows look as natural as possible and adorn your face, carefully approach the choice of a beautician. It is very important that the master does not work according to a single template, but can suggest how to improve the appearance of your face with the help of new eyebrows. Keep in mind that reworking a failed job will not be easy.

If you do not like bright makeup, do not darken your eyebrows. Better to tint them with wax or pencil if necessary. Very dark eyebrows will look unnatural on an unpainted face.

For a natural looking brow, choose the right pigment. Radically black arcs won't even suit brunettes. Preferably softer tones, from gray-brown to beige. For women with reddish hair, eyebrows with a touch of ocher are suitable. Consider the natural color of your hair, as well as your skin and eye tone. The paints must be of high quality. Cheap pigments can change color after a few months, and the eyebrows will acquire a bluish or even greenish sheen.

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