Is It Harmful To Extend Eyelashes

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Is It Harmful To Extend Eyelashes
Is It Harmful To Extend Eyelashes

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A mysterious look with a drag, a wave of thick long eyelashes - and you will not leave any man indifferent. But few girls can boast of beautiful eyelashes that adorn their eyes. In the absence of natural data, you can take advantage of new technologies and build eyelashes.

Is it harmful to extend eyelashes
Is it harmful to extend eyelashes

Different types of eyelash extensions

There are several eyelash extension technologies today. Of these, the most popular are:

- full extension;

- partial or incomplete building up;

- 3D extension, or an increase in the volume of eyelashes.

In the first method, the eyelashes are attached evenly along the entire length of the growth of native eyelashes. With the second, several beams are fixed in the outer corner of the eyelid. The effect of slanting eyes is created.

In all cases, artificial eyelashes are attached to relatives with special glue, which contains resin. And the eyelashes themselves are produced exclusively from synthetic materials. Names such as "mink", "columns", "silk" may make you think that this particular material is used. In fact, these are just conventional names for the varieties of artificial eyelashes. Natural hair is never actually used due to the potential for allergies.

All build-up options are interference with the natural life of your body. And therefore they may well do some harm. Is it worth the risk?

Risk group

To understand whether the eyelash extension procedure is harmful to you or not, determine if you are at risk.


If you are prone to allergic reactions to cosmetics - mascara, creams, powders, then you should be careful. Resin glue can irritate your skin, especially if the glue is of poor quality. In any case, avoid skin contact. To understand whether you are allergic or not, glue a few eyelashes from the outer edge of the eye and wait 15 minutes. If no reaction follows, you can safely glue the eyelashes further.

Thin eyelashes

If your native eyelashes are thin, brittle and depleted, cosmetologists do not recommend extension. It can deprive you of your last native eyelashes. If you think you need the procedure anyway, choose the thinnest, shortest and lightest fake lashes to reduce the risk.

Dry, thin skin

Artificial eyelashes do not like moisture and greasy creams. Dry skin requires constant hydration. This contradiction can have a detrimental effect, either on the skin of the eyelids, or on the appearance of eyelash extensions. Therefore, it is worth choosing the optimal cream with a light texture for the care of the eyelids, water-based, but not a gel.

Contact lenses

If you wear contact lenses all the time, then don't be surprised that your eyelash extensions will last less than the prescribed amount of time before your eyes because of the lens cleaner.

Eye problems

With chronic conjunctivitis, increased sensitivity of the eyelids and mucous membranes of the eyes, it is better to completely abandon the build-up.

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