How To Use Henna After Bleaching Hair

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How To Use Henna After Bleaching Hair
How To Use Henna After Bleaching Hair

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Modern women color their hair as easily as they change from one dress to another - with ease and enthusiasm, anticipating a new delightful look. The result of this treatment of hair is its deplorable condition, requiring serious restorative therapy. The most common home remedy for revitalizing them is henna.

How to use henna after bleaching hair
How to use henna after bleaching hair

Henna types

Colorless and dyed henna is obtained from a plant called Lavsonia, whose leaves contain a red dye pigment. Colorless is produced from lawsonia stems, in which this pigment is completely absent. Both types of henna are successfully used for hair care, as they strengthen and restore their structure, as well as heal the scalp. At the same time, coloring henna is famous for its natural variety of colors, among which there are basic basic shades.

Various masks based on natural henna are especially popular among women.

Colors such as black, red, brown and chestnut are very popular. Black henna, also called indigo powder, gives hair an intensely rich raven-like blue-black sheen. Henna red gives a natural and dazzling copper-red hue. In chestnut, black and red henna are combined, to which an infusion of ground coffee and herbs is added (the red tint dominates). Henna brown is also a mixture of red and black henna with ground coffee.

Using henna on bleached hair

It is necessary to dye bleached hair with henna very carefully, since the color is very bright and intense. Therefore, before dyeing, you should apply a little on a separate section of hair to see the potential result - if it is satisfactory, henna can be applied to clean, dry hair in an even layer, leaving it there for thirty to forty minutes. Application should be done quickly so that the shade is uniform.

To prevent henna from staining the skin of the forehead, it is advisable to apply a strip of oily cream along the hairline. It will allow you to quickly and without traces remove henna from the skin.

After the specified period, the hair should be thoroughly washed with shampoo until completely transparent water. After rinsing your hair, apply a little conditioner to your hair and rinse thoroughly with running water. After dyeing bleached hair with henna, the head cannot be washed for three days. In addition, after it is forbidden to do highlighting, perm or dye your hair with ordinary paint. Bleached hair can be dyed with henna every one and a half to two months so that the hair does not fade from its frequent exposure. The resulting shade will stay on the hair for several months - at the same time, it will be impossible to change it with the help of any other dyes.

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