How To Use Colorless Henna

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How To Use Colorless Henna
How To Use Colorless Henna

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Thanks to its medicinal properties, henna is successfully used in the field of cosmetology. It has many benefits, but its ability to thicken the hair shaft by restoring its structure is one of its most valuable qualities.

How to use colorless henna
How to use colorless henna


Step 1

Thanks to experiments with colorless henna in the field of hair treatment, excellent results can be seen. Before describing the recipes for masks that can be prepared with henna, you should pay attention to the following points:

- Masks are applied to damp and washed hair.

- Henna can also be used with herbal supplements such as chamomile, sage, calendula.

- Hair masks can be mixed with vegetable and essential oils, vitamins A and E, clay, as well as Dimexide, due to which nutrients quickly penetrate into the structure of the hair follicle.

Step 2

The main rule: after applying the mask to the hair, they are covered with a polyethylene cap, and a scarf is tied on top.

Step 3

Recipes for the most effective masks that will allow your hair to always look great: The easiest mask to prepare - add 100 g of henna to 300 ml of boiling water and apply to hair for 30-60 minutes.

Step 4

Anti-hair loss mask: take olive oil - 2 tablespoons, add castor oil to it - 1 tablespoon, colorless henna - 2 tablespoons, 5 drops of essential oil of your choice, green clay - 2 tablespoons. l., and dilute the resulting mass with herbal decoction. An hour later. after applying to hair, rinse.

Step 5

A mask that helps the hair gain volume: first steam the henna, then add 1 tablespoon to it. almond oil and 1 tsp. dimexidum. Let it sit on your hair for 1 hour and then wash your hair with shampoo.

Step 6

Moisturizing and regenerating mask for dry and damaged hair: pour boiling water over colorless henna (2 tablespoons), after 15 minutes. add castor oil and avocado.

Step 7

Firming mask for oily hair: Steam a packet of henna with 2 tablespoons. lemon juice, 2 tablespoons blue clay and burdock oil (1 tablespoon). Apply to hair for one hour and then rinse.

Step 8

All of the above means are the most common and effective methods of strengthening hair using henna, which allow you to make your hair beautiful without significant financial costs.

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