How To Use A Hair Dryer With A Spinning Brush

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How To Use A Hair Dryer With A Spinning Brush
How To Use A Hair Dryer With A Spinning Brush

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When styling your hair, you often need to use a round comb to add volume to your hair. Modern home appliance manufacturers have created a spinning hair dryer to make this process easier and faster.

How to use a hair dryer with a spinning brush
How to use a hair dryer with a spinning brush

The appearance of a hair dryer with a spinning brush

In appearance, a hair dryer with a rotating brush is similar to a conventional hair dryer. Its handle is mostly free of bends, only in some cases there are recesses for the fingers of the hands for ease of use.

The set of such a hair dryer may include several attachments. These are mainly hair straightening and curling brushes, curling irons, flat comb and steam generator.

Also, most hair dryers have several temperature and speed settings.

What are the attachments for?

The nozzles included in the kit do not always make it clear how to use them by their appearance. The question often arises: what is this or that brush for?

Round brushes of various diameters help both straighten hair and create curls of different sizes. Also, with this attachment, you can increase the volume of hair from the roots.

A curling iron is needed to create a curl. A flat comb will help you style even on short hair.

How to style your hair?

Before you start working with a hairdryer, you need to decide what attachments you need. Then you should check if the device is in order. If all is well, then you need to dry your hair a little with a towel for a gentle styling regimen.

It is necessary to start creating styling from the back of the head, namely from the parietal part of the head.

We turn on the hairdryer in a suitable temperature regime, separate the strand, put it on the rotating nozzle from the very root of the hair, and then raise it a little. When the base of the hair is dry, move the hair dryer a little to the ends, while "pulling" the hair after the brush.

In the same way, we continue to create the hairstyle, styling strand by strand and creating volume.

What should be considered when purchasing a hair dryer with a rotating brush?

When choosing a hairdryer, it should be remembered that creating a styling takes much longer than conventional hair drying, which means that it should not be heavy so that your hands do not get tired during styling.

You should not try to choose a hairdryer with the largest number of attachments. Most of them will not be useful to you, because with basic attachments you can do almost any hairstyle.

The management console is of great importance. It should be positioned so that when styling your hair, you can reach it with your thumb holding the hairdryer.

Most modern hair dryers have the function of ionizing the hair during styling. This means that during drying, the hair is smoothed and volume is lost at the roots. You should consider this carefully and decide whether you need such a function or not.

You also need to pay special attention when choosing the power of the hair dryer. Its power determines how easy it will be for you to cope with hair.

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