How Can You Lighten Hair With Sour Cream

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How Can You Lighten Hair With Sour Cream
How Can You Lighten Hair With Sour Cream
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Sour cream is a healthy food product, but its benefits are not limited to nutritional value: this fermented milk product is widely used in cosmetology. For example, sour cream is used to lighten hair.

How can you lighten hair with sour cream
How can you lighten hair with sour cream

Sour cream can be used for any type of hair. So, a fermented milk product is rich in vitamin A, which participates in the redox reaction of the skin, activates the synthesis of proteins (it is from them that hair is made) and makes cell membranes strong. That is why sour cream masks are a salvation for damaged and intensely falling hair. The tocopherol present in this fermented milk product will give life to thinned and weakened hair, as well as provide healing moisture to dry hair. In addition, sour cream is rich in vitamin C: this element is responsible for blood circulation in the scalp and for tissue regeneration, so masks based on this fermented milk product are recommended for brittle hair and split ends. In fact, sour cream not only brightens the hair, but also strengthens and nourishes it.

Another feature of sour cream masks is that you can apply the lightening mixture to both dirty strands and freshly washed hair. The main thing is that the strands are slightly moistened: this will allow you to evenly distribute the "paint" along the entire length of the hair.

Lightening oily and normal hair

For this procedure, you should take a fermented milk product, the fat content of which does not exceed 15%. The recipe for the brightening mixture is as follows:

- 3 tbsp. sour cream;

- 1 tsp wheat germ oils;

- 1 tsp lemon juice.

The components are mixed and the mass is applied to the hair. To enhance the activity of the components, a rubber cap is put on the head and wrapped in a towel. The lightening mixture is kept for 17-20 minutes, then it is washed off with warm water and shampoo. The "paint" prepared according to this recipe (it is recommended to do it once a week) will not only lighten the hair by 1-2 tones, but also strengthen it, and also improve the appearance of the hair and normalize the work of the sebaceous glands.

Lightening dry hair

When lightening dry hair, sour cream is used, the fat content of which exceeds 25%. Prepare "paint" from the following components:

- 1 tbsp. sour cream;

- 1 tbsp. castor oil;

- 1 tbsp. olive oil;

- chicken yolk.

The yolk whipped into a tender foam is mixed with oils and sour cream (the gruel should be homogeneous). The strands are covered with a lightening mixture, then a plastic bag and a woolen hat are put on the head. Keep the mask for no more than 30 minutes and wash off with warm water and shampoo.

Universal brightening mask based on sour cream

The recipe for this "paint" is as follows:

- 200 g sour cream (fat content depends on the type of hair);

- orange zest;

- half of the middle root of ginger;

- 8-10 drops of lemon essential oil;

- 300 ml of water.

Chopped ginger and zest are poured with boiling water, insisted for a couple of hours and filtered. Then take half of the infusion and mix with sour cream and aromatic oil. The cosmetic product is applied to the hair, covered with a plastic bag and insulated with a towel. After 2 hours, the hair is rinsed with the remaining infusion diluted in 1 liter of warm water.

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