How To Find Your Haircut

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How To Find Your Haircut
How To Find Your Haircut
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Choosing a hairstyle is a responsible decision. It is important not only to choose the shape you like, but also to take into account the structure of your hair, and most importantly the shape of your face. A properly chosen haircut will help to emphasize the advantages and hide the flaws in appearance.

How to find your haircut
How to find your haircut

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Step 1

If your face shape is oval, you can consider yourself lucky. The oval is considered to be the ideal shape. Any hairstyle will suit you, both long and short hair.

Step 2

The round shape of the face requires careful selection of the hairstyle, its task is to visually make the face narrower and lengthen it. High hairstyles with side parting or bangs are ideal. Styling with straightened hair raised at the roots also looks good. Too short haircuts should be avoided.

If your face is square, skip thick bangs. You should also avoid combing your hair back. Hairstyles that visually lengthen the face, as well as asymmetrical parting and oblique bangs, will look good.

Step 3

The triangular shape of the face requires a haircut no shorter than the level of the chin. Avoid voluminous hairstyles at the level of the cheekbones, as well as high styling with tucked hair. Long bangs and straightened bob cuts will give your face an oval shape.

Too elongated face shape will be corrected by lush hairstyles with curls near the face. Try to create volume at the cheekbones. Avoid any hairstyles with vertical lines.

Step 4

Choose a haircut also considering the structure of your hair. An improperly chosen hairstyle can deprive thin hair of volume, and on thick hair, complex styling will not last even several hours.

Step 5

Soft, thin hair easily loses volume under its own weight; length below the shoulders is contraindicated for them. Medium length haircuts are ideal; you can also make a stepped or graduated hairstyle to add fluffiness. A gentle perm will revitalize your hair and make it look more voluminous, but keep in mind that fine hair is easily damaged.

Step 6

Thick hair allows you to choose any length. On straight hair, bob and bob haircuts look very good. Try to avoid hairstyles that require daily styling, thick hair, as a rule, does not hold its shape well.

Step 7

Curly hair usually has good volume. Owners of such hair can afford different forms of hairstyles according to the shape of the face. Styles for medium length hair with curls framing the face look great, and long wavy hairstyles make the hair look thicker.

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