How To Improve Your Appearance

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How To Improve Your Appearance
How To Improve Your Appearance

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From fatigue, constant lack of sleep and the lack of a normal ecological situation, the appearance suffers greatly. Bruises under the eyes, dull complexion, general weakness have become our constant companions. But there are ways to improve your appearance, and they are quite simple.

How to improve your appearance
How to improve your appearance


Step 1

The number of hours of sleep is of great importance for appearance. Each has its own. Determine how long you need to get a full sleep. Try to stick to this number of hours. Plan your day so that you can do everything during your waking period. Involve loved ones to work around the house, do not drag everything on yourself. Distribute responsibilities: let your husband wash the dishes, while you play with your child or do cosmetic procedures. Don't waste precious hours of sleep and your body will be grateful to you.

Step 2

Spend as much time as possible outdoors. If you can't do this on weekdays, take a weekend for walks in nature. Take your family and friends with you and go on a picnic. In winter, you can go to the forest or park, play snowballs, make a snowman, go ice skating or skiing. Don't sit within four walls. Oxygen is very important for all systems of our body and the more time you spend outside the home on weekends, the better you will feel during work days.

Step 3

Try to eat healthy. Eating after 6-7 pm puts your stomach to work at night instead of resting. And in the morning you wake up with a heaviness all over your body and a headache. Do not force your body: have dinner before 6 pm. Do not eat heavy, fatty foods at night. Limit yourself to a salad with olive oil and a piece of steamed fish or meat. Eat carbohydrates in the morning until 12. And you will see how in a couple of weeks you will have a healthy glow and circles under the eyes will disappear.

Step 4

Try to be charged with positive emotions. Go to the cinema, theater, concerts. Chat with friends, children, loved ones. Scientists have long proven that optimists live longer and get sick less than the world's embittered hypochondriacs.

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