How To Buy Hair

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How To Buy Hair
How To Buy Hair

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Many have heard of such a service as hair extensions. In addition, in some cases, you have to create wigs. This is true, for example, among people in the theater industry, where a change in appearance is a natural action. Knowing how to buy hair, in this case, is very important.

How to buy hair
How to buy hair


Step 1

Low-quality hair is often on sale. They can be distinguished from branded ones, but, unfortunately, after purchase, or rather, even after building up. Pay attention immediately to the softness and condition of the hair. If it is unpleasant to touch them, the structure is damaged, fragments of the scales are noticeably deformed - you do not need to listen to the seller, who may say that after shampooing all this will be corrected. High-quality products are attractive from the very beginning, even if they have been in the window for a long time and have not been looked after.

Step 2

Pay attention to the roots and ends of the hair. If the former have white or transparent balls, then these are probably nits. In especially difficult cases, lice are found. Split ends are a sign that your hair is breaking down. In addition, they often appear after exposure to chemical dyes, and such products are not considered high-quality. If you buy bundles right away, check if they are sufficient in volume. Often, thrifty manufacturers pluck them so that there is enough hair for more flasks. But such products can still be of high quality, here it is important to check licenses and confirmations.

Step 3

It is extremely rare to sell quality products in suspicious places. If they called at your door and offered to buy hair, this is a bad sign. How can such sellers be held accountable if a marriage is found? In salons they sell good hair, here the risk of encountering a fake is less than in the markets. But it is best to take directly from the manufacturer or in its official branches. Their addresses are usually provided on the websites of companies working in this field.

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