How To Extend Bun Eyelashes

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How To Extend Bun Eyelashes
How To Extend Bun Eyelashes

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There are many methods of eyelash extension. One of the simplest is to build up beams. It can be done at home. The procedure is quite simple and requires only accuracy and care from the master. All building materials are sold in professional cosmetics stores.

How to extend bun eyelashes
How to extend bun eyelashes

It is necessary

  • - bundles of eyelashes 8, 10 and 12 mm;
  • - substrate;
  • - lamp;
  • - degreasing solution;
  • - cotton swabs;
  • - eyelash brush;
  • - glue for eyelashes;
  • - small glass;
  • - curved tweezers;
  • - straight tweezers;
  • - teflon;
  • - hairdryer;
  • - solvent.


Step 1

Ask the client to remove all makeup from their eyes. It is not necessary to remove contact lenses during extension.

Step 2

Place the client on the couch so that their head is at the same level as your chest.

Step 3

Separate the upper lashes from the lower lashes with a special adhesive backing. If you don't have a backing, use a 1 cm wide paper-backed adhesive tape. Apply it to your lower lashes.

Step 4

Stand behind the client. Aim the light source at his face. It is better to use a magnifying lamp, it allows you to better see the location and direction of eyelash growth.

Step 5

Apply a degreasing solution to your lashes with a cotton swab. It will remove residual sebum and the bundles will last longer. Whether or not you have degreased your eyelashes, you can tell by their shine: untreated eyelashes shine, processed ones do not.

Step 6

Brush your eyelashes.

Step 7

Apply a drop of eyelash glue to a small glass. The glue can be either colorless or black. Black glue gives the look more expressiveness, because looks like a thin line of black eyeliner.

Step 8

Take a 12 mm long bundle of eyelashes with curled tweezers and dip it in the glue. Touch the glass to remove excess glue. If you are right-handed, then hold the curved tweezers with your right hand, if you are left-handed - with your left.

Step 9

Using straight tweezers in your left hand (for left-handers in the right), separate the eyelashes at the outer corner of the eye. Use curved tweezers to glue the bundle into the space between the eyelashes. If the direction of the eyelashes in the bundle deviates from the natural, then rotate the bundle until the glue hardens.

Step 10

In the same way, glue an 8 mm beam into the inner corner of the eye, and then 10 mm into the middle part of the eye. During the time you glue the bunches into the inner and middle third of the eyelid, the eyelashes at the outer corner of the eye will dry out, and you can stick another bunch there.

Step 11

After gluing all the bundles, apply Teflon to the eyelashes. It will allow you to remove excess glue from them, give strength and protect against dirt.

Step 12

Dry your eyelashes with a cool jet of air from a hair dryer or simply fan them out.

Step 13

After 10 minutes, gently peel off the liner or adhesive tape that separated the lashes. Remove any glue residue from the backing with a nail polish remover or nail polish remover.

Step 14

Repeat the same manipulation on the other eye.

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