How To Extend Lower Eyelashes

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How To Extend Lower Eyelashes
How To Extend Lower Eyelashes

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Recently, extended eyelashes are becoming more and more popular with fashionistas. They give the eyes a dramatic expressiveness, depth and appeal. What do you need to know when extending eyelashes?

How to extend lower eyelashes
How to extend lower eyelashes


Step 1

There is no universal eyelash extension technique. For some, to enlarge the eyes, it is enough to increase only the upper eyelashes, while others need to add eyelashes from the bottom. To begin with, contact a specialist for advice, carefully discuss everything, decide exactly how you will extend your eyelashes.

Step 2

If you have thin and sparse eyelashes, then apply a separate lower eyelash extension to the extension in one row. This will make it possible to increase the density and will not greatly burden the eyelids.

Step 3

With constant stress on the eyes, especially if you work at a computer, first apply a single row on the outside, and then a row on the lower eyelashes, which are on the inside. This procedure is quite complicated and time-consuming. If you have very sensitive eyes, then you will experience some inconvenience, since the lower eyelash extension is carried out with the eye open. Although the procedure is quite safe. For building, a special glue is used, which is applied to the eyelash, and not to the mucous membrane. It does not cause allergies or irritations.

Step 4

If your natural eyelashes are thick and long, then they do not need a full extension. To give the look more impact, do partial extensions. Ask your professional to add longer eyelashes to the corners of your eyes. This will change your view. It may become more open, the tips of the eyelids will lift up. The eyes will get extra velvety. Make sure that the expert picks up eyelashes that match in color with your natural ones.

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