What Are The Hair Extension Technologies

What Are The Hair Extension Technologies
What Are The Hair Extension Technologies

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Hair extension is an opportunity to make hair long and voluminous without causing harm. Hair extensions can be dyed, styled, washed and cut. They are no different from natural ones. And this procedure will make a woman irresistible in a few hours. Many hair extension technologies make you wonder which method is better to choose.

hair extension
hair extension

Capsule hair extension

This type of extension has many subspecies. Different attachment technologies make it possible to choose the perfect option for your hair. Can be done with both cold and hot methods. It is worth considering all the technologies of capsule extension.

Hair Extension Technology Using Metal Beads

Attachment to the hair is due to special metal-ceramic beads. Beads are selected individually for each woman based on the color of her own hair. This method is considered one of the best, since neither glue nor special substances for attaching hair extensions affect the hair.

English hair extension technology

It consists in gluing artificial hair to natural hair with a special resin or glue. This is a hot build-up technology. Extension occurs on the temporal and occipital parts of the head. The advantage of the technology is the possibility of correction and correction. Hair can be removed with a special solution and re-glued as your hair grows back. The downside of the procedure is the easy combing of the extended strands.

Spanish hair extension technology

A technique suitable only for blondes. Hair is attached with glue that turns white as it dries. On dark hair, the capsules will be very noticeable. Hair correction is done every 4 months. With Spanish technology, you cannot visit the pool, solarium and sauna.

Italian hair extension technology

For Italian technology, the highest quality hair is used, on which special resin capsules have already been applied. To activate them and make them sticky, craftsmen use heating tongs. Using forceps, you can shape the capsules into either a round or a flattened shape. They are invisible on the hair, hold well and do not interfere with brushing.

French hair extension technology

Almost identical to Spanish technology. The difference is that dye is added to the capsule, allowing the technology to be applied to all hair shades.

Tape hair extension

The fastest type of extension. Sometimes the whole work will take 30 minutes. This is a cold extension technique, since the attachment takes place on a special adhesive tape. No special equipment is required for this type of extension. The glue is not harmful to the hair, and the removal takes place with the help of a special composition.

  1. The safest way to extend hair. It is completely harmless to hair.
  2. Don't limit yourself to anything. You can go to baths, saunas, swimming pools and solariums without fear that the strands will fall off.

Certain types of hairstyles cannot be done. You will have to limit yourself due to the fact that in some cases the attachment points of the hair extensions may be noticeable.

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