Features Of Coloring / Bronzing Dark Hair

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Features Of Coloring / Bronzing Dark Hair
Features Of Coloring / Bronzing Dark Hair

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Modern fashion is advancing by leaps and bounds, improving and transforming every day. Now among the owners of dark hair, a coloring procedure called bronding is at the peak of popularity. Radiance of color, glare playing on the hair, shades smoothly shimmering into each other - all this is bronding.

Features of coloring / bronzing dark hair
Features of coloring / bronzing dark hair


Brond is a shade that changes from a burnt-out brown-haired to a light brown. The advantages of this procedure are that after it the hair becomes thicker and more voluminous, and the face, thanks to the correctly selected shade, becomes much fresher.

Bronding was created for those who want to change something in their appearance, but will not dare to make serious changes. It can also be recommended for those looking to grow their natural hair color. The smooth transition from dark roots to light ends looks very natural, thanks to which the hair can not be tinted for a long time.

Bronding will also be a salvation for those women who naturally have thin, lacking hair. Layering of colors will make them visually thicker. This procedure is ideal for long, straight or slightly curly hair. Do not make bronzing for owners of curly hair, because the effect of this procedure will simply not be noticeable.

This method of dyeing is best suited for dark hair, because the growing roots will not be conspicuous. In addition, the bronde technique effectively hides the appearing gray hair.

Features of bronzing for dark hair

There are a lot of options for such coloring. Basically, this is a staining by a smooth transition from dark roots to very light tips. There is an option for bronzing with the effect of sun glare in the hair, sun-bleached hair or tinted framing of curls. For such procedures, dark and light brown shades of hair are more suitable, a golden beige color will look good. But keep in mind that after making such a bronzing, you will need to devote a lot of time to makeup, otherwise your hair will look unkempt and unkempt.

Before performing this procedure, consider some factors so that later there will be no disappointment as a result. Skin tone, eye color, natural hair color are of great importance. When choosing a color for a bronde, you can experiment with contrasting shades or, on the contrary, harmonizing in color. When dyeing hair, the technique of overflowing shades is used. For high-quality staining, contact experienced craftsmen.

Keep in mind that bronding is much more difficult for bright brunettes. Before the procedure, their hair is lightened, and the coloring itself takes place using the coloring technique, with the help of which the effect of a soft overflow of brown and golden tones is achieved.

Brond is a bizarre combination of shades that blend seamlessly into each other. Most often, coffee, chocolate, light brown, with a slight shade of golden blonde, color are used. The result of dyeing is as close as possible to the natural, natural tone of the hair, which is why it is able to refresh any appearance and hide its small imperfections.

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