Piercing In Intimate Places For Girls: Reviews, Consequences

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Piercing In Intimate Places For Girls: Reviews, Consequences
Piercing In Intimate Places For Girls: Reviews, Consequences

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Humanity has long wanted to decorate its body and appearance. One of the most ancient common types of body decoration is piercing. In ancient times, warriors who gathered in battle decorated their ears and nostrils with earrings. The social status of a person was shown using the size of the jewelry, the degree and depth of punctures, as well as their number. The more there were such wearable ornaments, the higher was the authority of the representative of one tribe or another. For example, the warriors of Ancient Rome considered it an honor to pierce their nipples. So they showed off their courage and courage.

Piercing in intimate places for girls: reviews, consequences
Piercing in intimate places for girls: reviews, consequences

A bit of history

Navel piercing and has its origins in the women of Ancient Egypt. This is how the priestesses indicated their approach to the Pharaoh. It was popular among the Indian tribe to make punctures in the area of ​​the lobes or cartilaginous part of the ears. Various punctures with decorations near the natural holes of the human body were used to exorcise evil spirits.


In the modern world, genital piercings have become more common on the bodies of women. There are almost no places left on the human body that have not been pierced with jewelry. Nowadays, piercing your earlobes and wearing earrings is no longer considered piercing, as it has become a familiar attribute of beauty. Ears are also pierced for babies. It is also difficult to surprise anyone with people wearing rings, earrings and other jewelry in the navel, eyebrow and nose. Although intimate piercing can still be considered something mysterious and forbidden. This is due to the fact that its location is hidden from prying eyes.

Male intimate piercing

Usually, these types of piercings are done by those people who are not the first to encounter this, that is, they have experience wearing jewelry on other parts of the body - on the ears, eyebrows, nose, tongue and other places. Some individuals are lured by this process like a drug: having done it once, they continue to do further until the number of punctured places exceeds a reasonable one. But most people stop at one or two punctures.

As for the female half of humanity, most often they prefer to do intimate piercings on their nipples. Breast piercing is not the best place for punctures due to the fact that this area is quite sensitive and painful. There is also a high likelihood of damage to the breast. That is why such types of punctures are safer for a strong half of humanity. The technique of such piercing is that a puncture is made horizontally, vertically or along an inclined line. The most common so-called multi-piercing is a piercing that involves several punctures in one nipple. The type, shape and size of the jewelry does not matter, but most often carnations or rings are installed in such places.

Male intimate piercings include piercings of the scrotum, penis, or foreskin. Punctures can also be horizontal or vertical and can pierce the glans or urethra. These puncture areas are very painful.

Classic jewelry includes the “Prince Albert Ring”, which is an ordinary metal pin. Metal can be different in composition and color - titanium, gold, silver.


Female intimate piercing

The following types can be attributed to female intimate piercings:

  • superficial - decoration of the pubic region;
  • piercing the labia (small or large);
  • clitoral piercing - central, main, subcutaneous or through nerve endings. The last two subspecies are as painful as possible.

Why do they do it

Many women and girls who have intimate piercings want to stand out or emphasize their peculiarity. This type of decoration looks beautiful and unusual.This gives visual pleasure to both the owner of intimate pissing and her partner. Also, for many men, such jewelry especially excites and brings unforgettable sensations to both partners during intimacy.


Opinion of doctors

Such rings and balls made of various metals serve the purpose of enhancing sensations during sex, giving pungency and variety of feelings. But most doctors warn that intimate piercing can pose a very big threat to the health of the owner of the jewelry.

They say that by piercing such zones, which are maximally rich in blood vessels, a person risks easily inducing sexually transmitted diseases in himself, and, as a result, cause a malfunction in the reproductive function of the body. Also, doctors say that intimate piercing can easily cause a malfunction in the immune system, as a result of which various manifestations of it are possible, such as edema, blood congestion, various allergic reactions to metal. It can even threaten the life of the person wearing the piercing.

In addition, intimate places take much longer to recover after a puncture. The healing process can take six months, and for an open wound, especially in an intimate place, special care must be taken.


How is intimate piercing done?

In fact, the piercing process is not very difficult. The only important condition for the master is maximum sterility.

The procedure can be divided into six main stages:

  1. Preparation of surgical steel instruments and the foreman's workplace. The piercing needle must be sterilized or disposable.
  2. A place for a puncture is marked on the body. The area of ​​the future piercing is well treated with an antiseptic.
  3. A needle with a tip is placed in the piercing device, to which the jewelry is attached.
  4. The puncture itself is made. Then the needle is removed and the jewelry remains in the body.
  5. The piercing site is reprocessed with an antiseptic.
  6. The master tells the necessary measures for the care of the puncture site.

One significant nuance: if you want to change the jewelry, this can be done only after the puncture site has completely healed.

Intimate piercing care

It is not recommended to clean the puncture site with alcohol without instructions. Better to use any other antiseptic, such as Chlorhexidine or Miramistin, or hydrogen peroxide. A fresh wound should be treated twice a day for two weeks, and then as it heals. Piercing in intimate places can take a long time to heal - about two to three months. The resulting dry crusts must not be removed. Metal jewelry should not be rotated or pulled to the sides. While the wound is healing, it is highly discouraged to visit baths, saunas, swimming pools and other open public places.


Contraindications to such a piercing

Intimate piercing has some contraindications, despite the fact that this process began to be performed more quickly and painlessly, and metal alloys appeared that are not prone to causing allergic reactions.

Contraindications include: fever, ARVI and other colds; rashes on the skin; allergic reactions to anesthetic or metal used in jewelry; poor blood clotting; weak immunity; period of pregnancy and lactation; diabetes; AIDS and other serious illnesses.

It is important to know: according to the legislation of the Russian Federation, piercing is not done to minors without the prior consent of the parents.

Important Tips:

  • When deciding on an intimate piercing, you need to consider the following points.
  • Once again, it's good to weigh the pros and cons of the piercing.
  • Piercing is not done on an empty stomach.
  • You should carefully choose a salon, after reading reviews about it. It is best to avoid in-home piercing artists.
  • In the heat, it is better to refrain from punctures, as the healing process will take a long time.
  • It is preferable to choose the initial material of the decoration from medical steel. It has a lighter weight and less stress on the wound.
  • Minimal blood loss will indicate a correct puncture.
  • The specialist is obliged to open in front of the client and use only disposable instruments. The master must answer all questions of interest regarding the piercing.

Intimate piercing reviews

According to the statistics of reviews, most people like such bodily adornments. Their presence enhances sensuality and gives unforgettable pleasure during sex.

But there are also negative reviews. They are caused by the fact that in some people the complex consequences of improper, terrible piercing have been complicated by suppuration, swelling and inflammation. Some people who have done intimate piercings lost sensitivity in and around the puncture sites. This happens both in the male half and in the female.

Therefore, whether it is worth doing an intimate piercing or an intimate tattoo is a matter of choice for each person, who has weighed all the pros and cons.

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