How To Make Curls With A Cone Curling Iron

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How To Make Curls With A Cone Curling Iron
How To Make Curls With A Cone Curling Iron

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Beautiful curls are one of the most popular types of women's styling. They look equally good on both medium and long hair. You can make curls using curlers, a regular curling iron, ironing or a novelty among styling devices - a cone-shaped curling iron.

How to make curls with a cone curling iron
How to make curls with a cone curling iron

A cone curling iron is an electrical appliance, the working surface of which is made in the form of a cut cone. A characteristic feature of such a curling iron is the absence of the usual forceps.

Benefits of a cone curling iron

The main advantage of the cone-shaped curling iron over the usual one is the ability to quickly and without damage to remove the curl. When using a traditional curling iron, you need to pinch a strand of hair, wind it on a heated surface, wait a few seconds and unwind it back. As a result, the shape of the curl often deteriorates, and an ugly hall remains in the lower part.

The conical curling iron allows you to distribute the strand over the entire working surface. Uniform heating of the hair will shorten the time spent, and the curls will look more natural, shrinking in size closer to the ends.

Modern curling irons are equipped with a temperature control function. You yourself can set the mode depending on the condition of your hair. Also, the surface of most devices has a protective coating that reduces the harmful effects of high temperatures.

How to use a cone curling iron

At the first acquaintance with a conical curling iron, many girls have difficulties, because they have to wind and fix the strands with their hands. Especially for this, a special protective glove made of heat-resistant material is included with the tool.

Wash your hair, dry naturally and comb well. Apply heat protectant. Separate one strand and comb through the entire length again. The thinner the strand you take, the more pronounced and elastic the curl will turn out. Put a glove on one hand.

Place the prepared strand in your gloved hand and grab the curling iron with your other hand. Roll a section of hair, starting from the wider part of the heated surface, moving from the roots to the ends, gradually moving towards the narrower part of the cone. Press the end of the strand and hold in this position for 3-5 seconds. Then, pull the cone out of your hair without unwinding the curl. Once you have curled up all your hair, gently comb it with a large-toothed comb and spray with a strong hold nail polish or spray. This way the styling will last longer.

In addition to the curling iron in the form of a traditional cone, you can also find an inverted cone on store shelves. This is an amazing tool that will give extra volume to the hair roots and create a style that can last for several days.

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