How To Grow Natural Hair

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How To Grow Natural Hair
How To Grow Natural Hair

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Long healthy hair is a decoration for a woman. But growing them is not easy at all. The longer the hair, the more difficult it becomes to style and care for it. However, no hairstyle beats the natural look of well-groomed long hair.

How to grow natural hair
How to grow natural hair


Step 1

First, a balanced diet is essential for healthy hair growth. If you are on a diet or eat an insufficient amount of vegetables and fruits, then you need to take a complex of vitamins and minerals.

Step 2

The second, very important point is the choice of hair care products. In addition to hygiene products, you will need products that provide nutrition and strengthen your hair. Stop your choice on mild shampoos (from 4, 5 pH) containing keratin and panthenol (provitamin B5). Remember that shampoo should strengthen and protect hair, and it is better to stimulate hair growth with masks. If the shampoo is harsh on your hair, dilute it with water. Always use balms and masks after shampooing.

Step 3

Try to injure your hair as little as possible, because it is not capable of regeneration. Never comb wet hair, it is better to wait until it is dry (if possible without the help of a hair dryer) and comb it first with a comb with rare teeth, then with frequent ones. Do not use metal or other combs that injure the hair and scalp.

Step 4

If you style your hair with a hairdryer or other high-temperature appliances, always use special protection products. They usually contain keratin and silicone oils, which protect the hair from negative factors.

Step 5

Don't forget about the need for regular haircuts. If you cut your hair with hot scissors, then the procedure can be carried out no more than once every six months. Hot scissors "melt" the tip of the hair, thereby preventing its section.

The regularity of haircuts with regular scissors is about once every three months. Warn the hairdresser that you are growing your hair and cutting off the very ends (provided that the hair is not in a state of neglect).

Step 6

Head massage is very helpful. It helps to get rid of dead hair and stimulates blood circulation, which is a prerequisite for growth.

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