How To Determine The Shade Of Hair Dye

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How To Determine The Shade Of Hair Dye
How To Determine The Shade Of Hair Dye

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The most important thing in hair coloring is the correct determination of the color of the paint. After all, an unsuitable color for you can significantly spoil your appearance.

How to determine the shade of hair dye
How to determine the shade of hair dye

It is necessary

  • - hair dye;
  • - table of color types.


Step 1

Before choosing a shade of hair dye, it is best to determine your color type. If your natural hair is ashy, blue, black or gray eyes, fair skin, you have a cold appearance. In the event that your hair has a reddish or reddish tint, green or brown eyes and a little dark skin, you have a warm type of appearance.

Step 2

Based on this, it is worth choosing a palette of shades that suit you. Girls of a cold color type should pay attention to the colors of ashy shades - from platinum blonde to dark chestnut. Any light brown shades will suit you. It is advisable to choose pure, simple colors. Usually on hair dyes, they are indicated by an integer, for example, 6.0 or 4.0.

Step 3

Girls of a warm color type go with golden hair colors. This is all a palette of red and red shades, as well as chocolate-chestnut, cappuccino. Both too light and too dark colors are not very suitable for you. Especially don't choose black. Your hair dye shades are complex. Usually they are indicated on the pack with a two-digit or three-digit number separated by a dot, for example, 3.24 or 8.9.

Step 4

Before you choose a shade of hair dye, you need to consider your original color. If the hair is natural, the shade will be the closest to the one indicated on the pack. But even in this case, it is recommended to choose a new color no more than two tones darker or lighter than the previous one. In the event that the hair has already been dyed before, do not choose a shade lighter, as it will not take on the previous dye. Without pre-lightening or removing the old paint, you can only slightly change the color or make it a little darker.

Step 5

After you have chosen the shade that suits you, you need to decide which paint you will use. All hair dyes are divided into three types: unstable tint, semi-permanent and long-lasting dyes. Tinted ones are quickly washed off the hair, so if you are not sure of the chosen color, it is better to use this one. In the event that you already have gray hair, you cannot do without permanent or semi-permanent paint.

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