How To Prevent Split Hair

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How To Prevent Split Hair
How To Prevent Split Hair

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Styling products, hair dryers, tongs, straightening irons, as well as unhealthy diet, bad habits and poor ecology can all weaken hair. As a result, they become dry and brittle, their ends begin to exfoliate. Split hair looks untidy and spoils the appearance of a woman, tk. they are lighter and thinner than the rest of the hair. Split ends must be dealt with and the causes of their delamination must be prevented.

How to prevent split hair
How to prevent split hair


Step 1

Trim split ends. This is the first thing you should do. The split hair stops growing, since the split end grows no more than 2 cm, and then breaks off. The split ends cannot be restored by anything, so they must be cut off.

Step 2

Use medicated shampoos to prevent re-separation of hair. For the care of the tips, shampoos with lecithin, natural herbal extracts, and vitamin B5 are suitable. To protect dry hair from damage during styling and brushing, lubricate the ends with special protective creams. They will not only protect the ends from dryness, but also prevent delamination.

Step 3

Buy a good hairbrush. It should be made from natural materials (horn, stone or wood) so that daily brushing does not damage the hair structure. Comb gently starting at the ends.

Step 4

Apply hair masks once a week to prevent split ends. One of the most effective masks for combating split and many other hair problems is oil. The oil perfectly moisturizes the ends, replenishing the missing moisture in the hair structure.

Step 5

Rub warm cosmetic oil (burdock, almond, grape seed, castor, peach) into the ends and leave under a warm cap for an hour, after which wash your hair as usual. The oil mask should be done once a week.

Step 6

Rinse hair after washing with beer or water acidified with lemon juice. These products strengthen loose ends when used regularly for a month or more.

Step 7

For the problem of split ends, curdled milk masks help. Rub the warm curdled milk into the roots and distribute over all hair, especially carefully lubricating the ends. Cover the mask with a terry towel and hold for half an hour, after which rub the curdled milk into your hair a second time and leave for 5 minutes. Then rinse your head in the usual way.

Step 8

Mix 1 egg yolk, 1 tsp. cognac, 1 tsp. olive oil, 1 tsp. colorless henna, 1 tsp. honey. Rub the finished mask into the ends, roots and distribute over all hair. Leave the mask on for an hour, then rinse your hair. With regular use of this mask against split ends, the result will be noticeable within a month - the ends will become stronger and healthier.

Step 9

Protect your hair from the scorching sun and cold wind. In summer and winter, wear hats to protect curls from damage and delamination.

Step 10

Take vitamins for beauty of hair, skin and nails. They contain all the necessary substances for hair. To prevent split ends, it is beneficial to take fish oil, it restores the natural moisture of the hair from the inside.

Step 11

Eat right, give up bad habits, get enough rest and lead an active lifestyle. This will save you from many problems with your hair. Hair is in many ways an indicator of overall health.

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