Voluminous Curls On Fine Hair

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Voluminous Curls On Fine Hair
Voluminous Curls On Fine Hair

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If your hair is straight and thin enough, and you dream of voluminous curls, do not rush to the salon to do a perm - although the result is durable, the risk of ruining your hair and thinning it is too great. It is very easy to make curls yourself, you just need to know a few simple rules.

Voluminous curls on fine hair
Voluminous curls on fine hair

It is necessary

styling foam or mousse, corrugated tongs, tapered tongs, wide-toothed comb, hair brush


Step 1

Wash your hair with a conditioner containing moisturizing ingredients. Moisturizing is necessary so that, firstly, the hair is less damaged during styling, and secondly, so that the resulting curls are more elastic and keep their shape better. Wrap them in a soft terrycloth towel for a few minutes and then dry a little. Comb gently with a wide-toothed comb.

Step 2

Then divide your hair into large sections and apply a light styling product (preferably mousse or low-hold foam) to the space at the roots. Then lift the hair with a hairbrush (if you have a professional arsenal of tools, you can use a special comb for root volume) and dry it. If you need extra durability, then clamp each strand at the roots with corrugated tongs.

Step 3

Now it's time for the curls themselves. Apply a medium to strong styling product to them, distribute it thoroughly, and begin wrapping around the tapered tongs. In what order is it most convenient to wind your hair? It's best to start with the strands at the back of your head, and then you can grab the strands on the sides. You should not rush to curling if you want your curls to last for a long time: wind the hair with tongs, starting from the end and carefully making sure that the strand does not slip.

Step 4

It is worth releasing the curls from the tongs slowly and carefully, otherwise the still hot strand will stretch and lose its shape. Lower the pliers clamp and loosen the curl slightly, then gently pull it out.

Step 5

Comb each section lightly with a fine comb and secure with medium to high hold varnish. Your hairstyle is great!

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